Welcome to my heart in print.

If you’ve ever felt alone, like you don’t fit in or like you’re the potato amongst your good looking squad, then you’re in the right place. Read along with me as I battle bullies, deal with mental illness, go on crazy adventures and laugh and learn as I experience life. It’s so good to see you. You’re not alone any more 🙂 xx

A group of Pandas is called an "embarrassment" and I think that's possibly the most awesome thing I've ever learnt.

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The down low

February 03, 2020 I have been holding it all inside – deep, deep down for so long now that I need to blog. I need to let some of this pain out. On Christmas eve I tried to kill myself by overdosing on panadol. Christmas day was the worst day I’ve ever had in aContinue reading “The down low”

Losing George – take 2

October 29, 2019 Okay. I’ll try another run at this. Have you ever leaned back in your chair and leaned that bit too far and almost toppled over? But then you caught yourself in time and stopped it? That panicked “OMG” feeling – that rush of fear? Normally people feel it for just a fewContinue reading “Losing George – take 2”

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