Because of you, I don’t open the windows anymore

That’s what you said when you tried to break into my home, you said the shutters were open and that meant you could come in. Let me assure you, having blinds open in a window – any window – is not an open invitation to jump someone’s gate and pound on their front door, demandingContinue reading “Because of you, I don’t open the windows anymore”

Home after the Dentist

One of the WORST moments of my ENTIRE life was when I was leaving a Dentist’s office after having a tooth taken out. My cheek was swollen and my whole jaw felt as if it was being repeatedly bashed by someone with a baseball bat and a bad temper. Crying, I signed the medical bill,Continue reading “Home after the Dentist”

Depression is a sneaky bastard

It doesn’t call ahead. It doesn’t ask “hey, is this a good time?” it just visits when it damn well pleases and that is really hard to deal with. Today it caught me mid-step. I was walking from a cafĂ© to a bakery (hey, I love donuts, ok?) and between my 7th and 8th step,Continue reading “Depression is a sneaky bastard”