What do I want?

It’s not often I ask myself what I want because I’m normally busy trying to look after everyone else. No one expects that of me and when I think about it in objective terms, very few people in my life ask me to care for them, but I expect it of myself. I expect 5-starContinue reading “What do I want?”

My dream just might come true

When I was a wee lass, I wanted to be either a Journalist or a Kindergarten teacher. I knew I wanted to be either and I would spend every free minute of my time either setting up a pretend school and rounding up the neighbourhood kids for “lessons” or going around the town of NhulunbuyContinue reading “My dream just might come true”

Taking the high road is not fun

I know, I know. As a Christian, I’m supposed to be loving. Always. It’s okay to be mad, but it’s not ok to hold onto a grudge or be unforgiving. Those are the things I struggle a lot with. Things with my brother, for example. Jay and his wife have welcomed a perfect baby girlContinue reading “Taking the high road is not fun”

There is no excuse for hitting someone

I was going to write “there’s no excuse for a man hitting a girl” but there are a lot of men in domestic violence situations where it’s the woman controlling them, scaring them and often times beating them/physically hurting them so I changed the title to be more inclusive. Men out there being beaten, IContinue reading “There is no excuse for hitting someone”