Bloganuary – Why do you write?

Writing to me started out as a way to comfort myself. I was left out in my family and didn’t have many friends at school, so I wrote in my little diary with it’s tiny gold padlock and it was like a friend that I could always confide in.

As I grew older, writing in my journal every night was my way to recharge and reset. I’d consider what I’d been through every day, things I learnt, things I needed to improve on and things I dreamed about and hoped for. I loved it.

I still to this day love to write.

I think an important key to writing is to read as much as possible, too. I think a well-written book is magical. I get to travel to other countries and other galaxies, through time and through people’s experiences…all from the safety of my sofa and I love that.

I have favourite books and favourite authors. My ultimate dream would be to be someone’s favourite Author. Can you imagine?

Now that I’m older, I write more to share my thoughts and experiences to hopefully connect with and help others, but there is still the underlying “comfort” of writing.

As much as I absolutely love hearing from the beautiful people who comment on my blog, I believe I would write it anyway as just the act of daily writing is so important to me; especially in terms of managing my mental health.

We are so blessed in this age of incredible technology to be able to share what are essentially our thoughts and feelings with others on a global forum.

2 responses to “Bloganuary – Why do you write?”

  1. I am with you on the writing for myself. I figure, worse case scenario, it will provide so good reading and family insight for future generations once I am no longer here.


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