Bloganuary – What brings you joy in life?

These things bring me joy:

Time with people I love ❤️

Books. Reading a good book is so good for resting and resetting.

Singing. Omg I love to sing. Even when I’m hurting, singing brings me so much peace and healing when I’m struggling.

Gardening. I love plants and seeing them grow is such a joyful, wonderful thing. A natural antidepressant. I thank God for gardening.

Spending time with children. I love their playfulness and how they are sooo cute! Kids are so talented, creative, adorable and bring a sense of wonder and adventure to even “boring” things. They could teach adults a lot about being in the moment because little ones are so mindful. Whatever they’re focused on, they are 100% focused on. I love that!

Writing ✍️ I love to write. That’s my passion right there and when I’ve written a good blog, I feel accomplished and awesome. Having people comment with care, warmth and positive feedback is the highlight of my day.

It shouldn’t come last, but time with God brings me joy. A long-lasting joy that fills my whole body. I’m so grateful for God in my life.

I hope this 2023 to do more of the things that make me happy. I hope you do, too xx

13 responses to “Bloganuary – What brings you joy in life?”

  1. Let’s all do more of the things we enjoy ❣️🤗

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    1. Oh definitely. Life is too short xx

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  2. uncover open the door ever open door and maybe more. mebbe way less.

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    1. Utahan, you’re weird but I dig your vibe xx


      1. frist my name is john. second no shit sherlock. third are you able to hang in there and make it a joy instead of a hassle? good luck.

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      2. just john meets just janet. oh oh

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      3. Lol. G’day John! Nice to meet you xx


      4. some she s is urs.

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  3. Children books and writing for me too ❤️🎈

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    1. They’re both the best things ever, hey Shanti? Xx

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      1. Light up your day truly …the little ones

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