My Memoir

Ughhh. I’m re-writing a lot of my Memoir lately. I feel like an entirely different person is writing now. So weird.

I changed the 1st chapter entirely and am now restructuring the 2nd one, focusing on my obsession with Matt rather than the International booty call.

I’m going to take out a few chapters and re-write the ones I’ll keep.

Writing a compelling Memoir is a lot harder than I thought. Omg.

The great news is, I have a writing coach!!! Annie is in Colorado in the US and has agreed to work alongside me to get my Memoir in the best shape ever. So excited.

But knowing someone professional is going to read my manuscript has me looking over it with wary eyes and I want to make so many changes before I send it to Annie. Arghhh. So frustrating.

Writing this memoir feels a lot like taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

But I feel compelled to write it…so I can’t give up.

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