Being a writer is really tough.


I’m re-writing my Memoir and trying to make each chapter sound better.

It feels weird and wrong re-writing my Memoir – trying to make my pain and suffering more “catchy” to readers, yet that’s what is needed to make a best seller.


Cost – emotional and financial.

As I’m re-writing chapters, I’m appalled that both Austin Macauley and Olympia publishers were both willing to publish my book exactly as it was when I sent it…even though I thought it was ready at the time…now that I’m re-writing it…I can see so many errors and so many ways it needed ‘tightening up’ and changing. Obviously Austin Macaulay and Olympia realy don’t care what they publish, they just want money from desperate Authors.

That’s a heartbreaking thing to know.

If I’d gone along that path and not done the research or had I researched and thought “I’ll go with that anyway” (self publishing is going to cost just as much if not more, at least this way, a Publishing house that knows the process is in charge of formatting, printing, creating the cover and giving my book it’s on ISBN number for sales)…then at the end of this year, 25 copies of my book would have arrived to me in a box and it wouldn’t have been right.

I can’t have that.

My worry is that I’m not writing with a clear head anymore.

I know I’m a good writer – maybe even a great one – but none of the chapters in my Memoir reflect that.

It’s so frustrating!!!

I’m so desperate to explain the trauma I’ve gone through so that the reader can understand me and hopefully someone who identifies with it can feel less alone…but how do I do that in an engaging way?

I just don’t know.

10 responses to “Being a writer is really tough.”

  1. The writing style you use in this blog is perfect, clear communication and genuine ..if that helps.

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    1. OMG Shanti, you little ray of sunshine. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HEARING FROM YOU!!! Thank you for walking beside me through these dark valleys and shaking your booty with me on Mountain tops. You are such a treasure. I think your blog is pretty awesome, too. There isn’t a place for me to comment, but I am keeping an eye on your blogs and drooling at all your amazing food pics.

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      1. I really need to fix my comment thing but I’m so lousy at the tech stuff lol

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      2. Lol I think we’re all learning. You’ll get there when it’s right for you xx

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  2. frontporchmusings694846020 Avatar

    Hi! Being a writer at times borders on the insane, from writing it all down to edits and publishing-I linger somewhere between the first two and not the third-it’s a wild ride. I wish you all the best in your rewriting, it will make your story shine. I use Stephen King’s On Writing and Strunk and White’s Elements of Style to help me with my writing. Both books are filled with excellent advice on every aspect of writing. I look forward to reading your story!

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    1. such a joy and a great relief to hear from another writer! You’re right – being a writer really does make us question our sanity. Regularly! OMG IT IS SO MUCH HARD WORK!!! I will Google Stephen King’s tips on writing and “White’s Elements of Style” too – every little bit of new info helps, doesn’t it? I hope you smash out loads of words today but also hope you REST (do writers ever rest???) and get to do some fun things, too xx

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      1. frontporchmusings694846020 Avatar

        Writing is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Every little bit of info does help, and King made it fun. I use Pinterest often. They offer loads of information on writing, writing tips, and prompts. Honestly, I don’t know if writers ever rest. Everything we see, do, smell, touch is all story material. But I do sit on the porch and play with Chunk and sometimes listen to the quiet. Have a great one!

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  3. I’m so sorry actually I found you because I queried
    Austin Macauley Publishers them and got a response back they would like to publish at a cost of course. It feels good to want to be published but how many of us have thousands to spend . I might as well take my chances and self publish at least I have control over my work.

    Eye opening!

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    1. Your work is probably AMAZING and deserves to be seen by the world. Austin Macauley will publish it without editing or tightening it up to make it as sell-able as possible. You’ll get 25 copies, posters and bookmarks but then they leave you “out in the cold” AND you’ve lost $3K on it. You AND your book deserve more. I’m praying success for you and loads of book sales.

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      1. Thank you so much, I feel like I dodged a bullet. Your right I don’t want to spend 3-4k and regret it. Sadly they sound positive but I trust first hand feedback yourself and something in my GUT told me to beware. Praying for much success to you too as well.

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