You’re welcome 😊

I’ve started a new job as a “Telecommunications operator” for all the Hospitals North of the city. This job is HECTIC and there’s a lot to learn. Mostly rules that start with “Do not”. Argh.


Yesterday I took a call and the woman on the other end of the line was clearly very distressed. She was crying and wanted to get an update on her Mom’s condition. I feel the loss of my Dad as present and as real as if it just happened so my heart went out to her. I just wanted to hug her.

While she was crying (poor thing), I looked up her Mom’s details and found the ward the caller’s Mom was on.

“This must be awful for you” I empathised

“I think my Mom might die” she cried anew.

Oh no. I hope not.

“Hey, before I put you through…can you just take a few deep breaths?” I asked gently, sending her a hug in my heart.

“I actually train in meditation so yes, I will do that” and the caller let out a suddering breath.

“Will you do it with me?” She asked.

“Of course!” I assured.

Together, we took 3 deep breaths. In for 4 seconds, out for 6 seconds.

“How are you doin’?” I asked at the end of our impromptu breathing session

“Better” the caller replied. She sounded like she was steadying herself for heartbreaking news. My heart just broke for her.

“Is it ok to put you through now?” I asked, holding my breath

“Yes, go ahead” the caller confirmed.

I pressed “transfer” and she was gone.

Today, I picked up the 60th call of my morning and heard that familiar girl’s voice again “Is this the girl I spoke to yesterday and did breathing with?” she asked.

I held my breath. Was she going to tell me off? What had happened to her Mom?

“Oh that’s good because it’s you I wanted to get through to!” The caller laughed. She sounded 100 times better than yesterday “I just wanted to thank you for being so kind to me yesterday; I thought my Mom was going to die, I was beside myself but you helped me through that…thank you so much!”

I was so happy to hear the caller again, bless her heart.

“My Mom is okay and I’m going to pop in and see her later today. She’s doing a lot better and I don’t have to worry I’ll lose her now”

Oh hooray! Praise God!

I’m so relieved 😌

“You made my day” the caller gushed “I keep telling everyone how sweet you are and how much you helped me! Thank you so much!”

It was my absolute pleasure, lovely lady. I’ll be praying your Mom recovers quickly and that you can take her home soon.

3 responses to “You’re welcome 😊”

  1. What a beautiful story. Well done to you.
    Congratulations on the new job! May you touch many more lives. πŸ’.

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    1. *big hug* I hope to keep reaching people with kindness πŸ’“ thank you so much for the kindness YOU bring to my blog xx

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      1. πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—

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