Choosing to be right…or happy?

It was wonderful having Alun off on a weekend as he is normally at work.

We hung out with our mates in the day, touring the city and sharing a lovely tapas lunch of small meals. That evening, I was so tired from it all and went to bed quite early. Alun sat outside on the porch. I could hear him clearly from the bedroom as the same wall is shared between our room and the porch area. Alun had his favourite radio station on and was laughing merrily away with his favourite DJ’s. I drifted off to sleep with a smile, I love the sound of Alun’s laugh 🙂

A few hours (I guess?) later, Alun came to bed. He was FREEZING.

My guess is that he fell asleep outside.

“Gorg” he nuzzled my neck

“OMG you’re freezing!” I complained.

Alun was pretty drunk, God bless him. He chuckled away to himself “I’m ok”

“Did you fall asleep outside?” I asked

“I’ve not been outside” Alun said.


“You were sat on the porch as I fell asleep” I reminded him.

A drunk Alun is a confused and naughty Alun.

“I wasn’t” he argued.

I was suddenly wide awake. I knew Alun was flat-out lying to me and it bothered me enough to argue with him.

“But you were! I saw you, you were -“

“Shh” Alun gently took my hand “I’ve been inside all night. I haven’t been out”

“But Alun -” I tried again

Alun took my face gently between his now-warm hands.

“Gorg” his sincere brown eyes looked into mine “I would NEVER go outside without you”

Omg. What does that even mean?


Even when he’s frustrating me, that boy melts my heart.

So I had to make a choice. I could either keep arguing with Alun and be RIGHT, or I could let this blatant and very strange lie go and just be happy.

I chose happy.

“Okay Gorg, Ok – you weren’t outside” I relented

“You get so confused after a few beers” Alun mumbled “It’s okay though, we figured it out in the end”

I nodded and kissed his sleepy face.

Alun snuggled in close to me and pressed the warm blankets around us both.

“Love you, Gorg” he yawned.

And within seconds, he was asleep.

I love you too, Alun.


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