New Job

It’s only day 2 in my new job and I’m in at the deep end, wondering how I’m going to do this. Hahahaha. This job is MENTAL.

We have bushfires here in Perth which are covering land probably as big as the entire city of London and they’re still going. A lot of people are in fear for their homes and there is a lot of thick, black smoke in the air right across Perth with lots of ash falling.

The 2 girls who are teaching me my role have homes in the bushfires so they’re not in today. ARGHHHH. No one has told me what to do or how to do it so I was floundering a bit this morning. I couldn’t even log into my computer, the access for a “new user” hasn’t been granted yet. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to use my own desk space.

Instead of doing my contracts job, I have been filling in for the Executive Assistant who is away today. Omg MK you do a lot of work. The Director is constantly popping by MK’s desk (I’m sitting at her desk and using her log on with her permission while she’s away today) and asking me to do admin work that is so beyond me. I don’t know how to type up minutes of meetings, schedule/cancel meetings, process invoices or update this huge-ass ‘daily duties’ spreadsheet the Director has – it’s mental how much work they all do. I feel so inadequate, glancing nervously at the screen, flicking through reams of paper and hoping somewhere on there is some kind of guidance on what I should be doing.

Perth has had complete, total, wonderful freedom from Covid restrictions all year but on Sunday night, someone tested positive with the ‘super virus’ so we’re on complete lockdown now. I was sort of happy about it; thinking I’d get a week off work and time with Alun who has 4 days off this week but no such luck. Apparently Hospital admins are necessary during lockdown so I’ve had to come into work. I wouldn’t mind at all if I knew what I was doing but guys, I feel so lost!

I didn’t take a lunch break today so I’m using this last 30 minutes of my day to type this out to you.

I’m praying everyone’s homes are going to be okay. I’m praying for rain (please God) and hoping the winds die down so the fire stops spreading. I’m praying I can go home soon to Alun who is boiling in our house as he doesn’t want to turn the aircon on and have smoke fill our cottage. Poor thing.

I pray tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

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