Writing about writing

Writing my memoir while working full time is a lot harder than I thought. It’s like working 2 full time jobs but only getting paid for one.

The difficulty lies in being tired and feeling like I need more hours (and energy) in the day. Writing a book takes a lot more than I ever dreamed and at the moment I’m in the “faith” phase where I’m hoping all this hard work pays off. There’s a pretty big chance it won’t. I have to fight the doubts every day and have to push myself to keep going.

The up side? I love it. I love writing about my life because I think 1) I’m an excellent writer and 2) my life story is worth the read.

So I think about my book constantly. I think about the chapters, the paragraphs and sentences all the time. I’m revising and “tweeking” my book 24/7; wondering if a new phrase will work better, toeing the line between “I want readers to hear my voice and get to know me as they read” and “omg that’s too much, JD. Slow down, hold back a bit”

I’m waiting outside the State Library right now to go in and work on my Memoir. I’ve decided to email both Publishers interested to remind them I’m here and to attach my introduction and a few chapters I’m really happy with and hope they’ll provide some type of feedback.

My fear is that I’ll be forgotten so I want to stay relevant.

How to actually pull that off when this entire experience is new to me is another challenge.

The Library doors are being unlocked now. Haha.

Here I go.

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