Bloganuary – Describe your perfect birthday cake :)

Omg I love cakes, me.


My perfect cake would be a triple-layered cake (like the one in the pic below) with vanilla sponge as the ‘cake’ bit and loads of tangy lemon curd and freshly chopped up raspberries as the yummy sticky/sauce-y stuff in the middle, holding the sponge cakes together.

Then decorated perfectly with some fresh, thick cream covering it and some strawberries and pretty peonies neatly placed on the top to make it look beautiful. I love flowers and cake! Best. Combo. Ever.

I can almost taste it now. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm.

I like unicorns so a unicorn-themed cake or omg a beach-themed cake (can you imagine? SO COOL!) would be great, but any round or square cake would be okay too…as long as it’s decorated tastefully, I’m happy.

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy
My ideal 46th Birthday cake ^^ (or cakes???) Photo by Silvia Trigo

3 responses to “Bloganuary – Describe your perfect birthday cake :)”

  1. I do love a good cake and especially one with butter cream frosting. YUM. When our youngest got married last year, she had so many options. She brought home maybe 6 cake flavors and then so many more frostings and fillings to sample with each flavor cake. There was 6 or 8 of us at the island in the kitchen just nomming it up on cake and frosting. I am also a huge fan of the beach but I am not sure about crunchy sand type topping on my cake. HAHA. Your description is beautiful and I too can almost taste the cakes you are describing. Huge fan of raspberries as well. nice job once again.

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  2. My favorite cake is a tasty one 😉

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    1. Hahaha tasty is definitely where it’s at! Nice one.

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