August 02, 2017 When I’m depressed, friends I love tell me “count your blessings”, “find 3 things you’re thankful for”, “what things are you happy about in your life?” And when I’m in the first few stages/levels of depression – I can do that. So today, here’s what I’m thankful for: A home to comeContinue reading “Thankful”

Sweaty palms

March 08, 2017 My prayer for me: That my palms wont be sweaty tomorrow – so I can hold your handThat God gives me wisdom to answer you with, so I can give you solid adviceThat I don’t just listen to you – but that I can read between the lines and really hear you when you speakThatContinue reading “Sweaty palms”

Bruno Mars…wuss :)

May 24, 2013 Hey, I had so much fun today. When I woke up, I sang to Alun until he groaned and got ready for work. I took my phone into the shower with me and sang happily to “owl city” while I lathered shampoo into my hair. The day was absolutely stunning and IContinue reading “Bruno Mars…wuss :)”

memories of my Dad…and the dreaded musli bowl

March 11, 2013 Hey, There’s a random bowl of unappealing muesli on the Reception counter. It was ‘left over’ from one of the big meetings upstairs – along with a plateful of chocolate biscuits with vanilla cream in the middle. One guess which snack got entirely devoured first? Anyway, Bill and another Director from the meeting (fromContinue reading “memories of my Dad…and the dreaded musli bowl”

I am someone who…

July 18, 2011 The microwave that Alun’s boss donated to us did a very strange thing today – it started affirming who it was and what it’s role was…really randomly. I think the power had cut out – so¬†the microwave screen¬†flashed; and the time Alun had programmed in when we first plugged it in wentContinue reading “I am someone who…”

Bad Dates 3, 4 & 5…

Date 3: A guy about my age with longish, scraggly hair, a t-shirt I suspect was made from hemp and old, worn jeans met me at my favourite park for our date – a walk in the park and maybe drinks after. We’d see how we went. I can’t remember his name, but we’ll goContinue reading “Bad Dates 3, 4 & 5…”

Families and Food

There is something really special about food. It brings people together. I think my happiest memories with my family or my beloved friends feature food somehow. There is something deeply comforting and heart-warming about getting together to share a meal. Whenever I’d stay over at Gracie’s, her loud, shouty, expressive Italian family would make meContinue reading “Families and Food”