Writing, writing, writing.

I wrote my first manuscript 2 years ago now…my Memoir called “The 1st pancake” about all the times I’ve faced adversity and overcome.

I was so confident with my manuscript when I had drafted, re-drafted, sent chapters to friends for feedback (Vanessa was amazing at it, she took her editing job seriously) and felt like it was completed.

Getting not one but TWO book contracts offered seemed to confirm my confidence, I was SO EXCITED.

Google research led me to some very thorough and interesting responses to both Publishers as “Vanity Publishers”. With a heavy heart, I accept these articles and reviews from hundreds of aspiring Authors as true.

I’m going to decline both offers.

I’m going to back myself and hold out for a traditional publishing deal.

I need to do a lot more work.


5 responses to “Writing, writing, writing.”

  1. vanity publishers. what does that mean?

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    1. That’s a great question, lovely. It means that a Publishing company will commit to publishing ANYTHING because they get paid BY THE WRITER to publish the work. It is an insult to good writers because the same company who publish MY book – which I honestly believe is a work of heartfelt art – will be the same company who publish a book of complete nonsense by someone who didn’t invest the time, energy and resources into their book as me…but we both fell through the same mouse trap. “Vanity publishers” publish for the money they’re conning out of writers and not because they truly believe in incredible literature xx


      1. oh shit. sorry. that’s just wrong. if that’s the case, you might as well print those bloody pages yourself.

        oh, well.

        hopefully you get better and legit leads soon. the universe has got your back. 🙂

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      2. Self publishing is an alternative but I’m holding out for a legitimate Publishing company to PAY ME for my book. I think the wait will be worth it ☺️ thank you for reading along and commenting, it made me smile to hear from you xx

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  2. I had the same thing happen to me Janet. After about a year (maybe longer) of leaving the manuscript sit (so much hard work and not one but two professional editors) I am going to rewrite some of it because I feel it needs it and then try again. Sometimes these things happen for a reason. You are wise to avoid the vanity publishers. So much work goes into writing a book and that is just the beginning.

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