Hold on tight

I’ve been ill so much these last 4 weeks that sadness and frustration are creeping in and my anxiety is doing it’s best to convince me I’ll never feel better again.

So instead of worrying (so hard as it’s what I naturally do), I want to list the good things in my life.

I have to purposely hold tight to the good so that I can weather this storm out.

These are the things I’m thankful for:

I have a really happy marriage. A few years ago, Alun and I were at the brink of divorce. We were both deeply unhappy and really struggling. To be so happy together again and have a marriage that brings us closer and helps us value and be there for each other…It’s a blessing. A huge one. Guess I had to almost lose it and fight hard to keep it in order to really appreciate it.

My friends are the salt of the earth, truly. I have a circle of about 30-40 really close mates who love me, encourage me, defend me, look out for me and are there for me in everything I go through. I’m so thankful to be so loved, it means the world to me.

Today is the 1st day I’ve turned a corner in my illness and I’m starting to feel better!!! I’m scared to admit it in case life hears me and decides to give me Covid – which I still haven’t caught yet. I’m really hoping I get stronger now. I’ve definitely had enough of being sick.

I’m back at work and caught public transport today which is a huge deal for me as I’ve been too unwell lately to do so. I’m very proud of myself and hoping I can get through a week of full time work and hopefully (please God) get some money back in my account. I owe sooo much on my credit card. Omg.

In times of despair, it’s vital to hold tight to anything that’s a blessing, no matter how small it may be at the time. If you’re struggling, I hope God reminds you of someone you love, a talent you have, gives you a sunny day or provides that job you’ve been yearning for. Whatever it is that gives you hope, hold tight to it.

5 responses to “Hold on tight”

  1. You have so many positives there Janet. Hope you feel better soon. We all have our good and bad days, stay strong 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I think you and I are both so blessed by the people in our lives. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful doorways soon xx

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      1. Aww thanks Janet! Yes we’re lucky to have wonderful people in our lives 🥰

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  2. Feeling crook sucks. Haven’t had Covid yet either. Only a couple now that haven’t. Hope things keep looking up.

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    1. I haven’t heard “crook” in so long. It’s a word my Dad used a lot so seeing it in your comment really blessed me. I can hear my Dad’s voice in my heart and that is very special since he died, so thank you. Here’s hoping you and I end up being the few people that never get Covid xoxo

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