Life in the world of Janet #4695

Hey, I’m temping at the Children’s Hospital as a “Covid Screener”. I get stationed at one of the many entry points and I have to ask any and all visitors to “please sign in using the SafeWA App” and if they’ve got any illnesses or have been “over East” in the last week or so.Continue reading “Life in the world of Janet #4695”

Doing something new

August 19, 2017 “Joyce” at work is the “EO” (executive officer) and I can tell her job means the world to her because I looked on her hand and there wasn’t a wedding ring. It was a huge assumption to make “You’re not married – so your job is everything to you” – but itContinue reading “Doing something new”

Renew my mind

May 30, 2017 I read my Bible a lot. Sometimes more than others. Sometimes just one verse a day…but still, it’s there in my heart. God’s word. Sometimes it makes a lot of sense and other times, I wonder what on earth God meant. Like the phrase David quoted in many Psalms “renew my mind”Continue reading “Renew my mind”

Missing a baddie

Isn’t friendship an odd thing? We pick someone we like, if they like us back, we become friends. We connect on something we mutually like and that’s it…friends. We start hanging out and ‘doing stuff’ together. I’m someone who takes Friendship very seriously. When I like someone, I am 100% your biggest fan and I’llContinue reading “Missing a baddie”

Between the lines

My memoir is a careful tightrope balance between speaking my truth and protecting those I love…or in all honesty – trying not to be bollocked by my parents for telling the world their secrets. So I won’t write about my Dad being a raging alcoholic or my Mom buying, selling, growing and smoking marijuana allContinue reading “Between the lines”

Guess who got hired today?

Meeeeeeee 🙂 I witnessed a lovely, friendly, comfortable office atmosphere when I sat in a red chair, waiting to be shown into the interview for this new job. I interviewed for the Admin position with 4 other girls yesterday – and 2 hours after I’d left the interview, I got offered the role. Look atContinue reading “Guess who got hired today?”

Girl, I feel you

So the hunt for another job is on. I got a call from a recruiter today about a reception job. The last receptionist had been “let go” after 4 weeks (why was this being disclosed to me?) because she “wasn’t keeping up” with the busy role and was letting “outside personal problems” interfere with herContinue reading “Girl, I feel you”

Can I have your pens?

So there I was, sitting across from my new psychologist, talking about my struggle between absolutely hating myself on the one hand and thinking I’m pretty damn close to perfection on the other hand. It’s a hard line to walk when I’m my worst enemy and my biggest advocate at the same time. All day.Continue reading “Can I have your pens?”