Making hard choices

February 07, 2020 I’m the one responsible for my life and 98% of me wants it just to end. I just want to stop. Please. I think the last few months have really battered me. What’s killing me now is pure exhaustion. I haven’t stopped. I’ve moved from job to job to job – takingContinue reading “Making hard choices”


October 10, 2019 Yesterday, I sat in a window alcove on one of the busiest streets in the city and cried. I didn’t just cry, by the way – I wailed. I howled. Tears didn’t fall daintily down my cheeks – they poured. I didn’t care. This is me at my lowest point. I have justContinue reading “Broken”

Why I lie

April 04, 2017 I lie all the time. I feel like I have to. I sit on reception and I greet up to 100 people every single day. The same greeting for the same staff members: “Morning Janet”“Morning Deb/Cheryl/Steve/Andrew/Gary etc…”“How are you? they ask“I’m fine” I lie. *big smile* “And how are you?” …often IContinue reading “Why I lie”