October 10, 2019 Yesterday, I sat in a window alcove on one of the busiest streets in the city and cried. I didn’t just cry, by the way – I wailed. I howled. Tears didn’t fall daintily down my cheeks – they poured. I didn’t care. This is me at my lowest point. I have justContinue reading “Broken”


March 04, 2019 I don’t remember how old I was – maybe 13? My family and I were in America and I think we were in Florida. There was a huge pool and Jay and I were splashing about in it, having fun. Suddenly, these alarms started going off and people in the pool wereContinue reading “Waves”

One step at a time

April 02, 2017 I love action movies. I love the thought of heroes and doing good for people who need help. That’s probably why I watch a lot of movies. Some of my favourite movies – are the ones with the “Avengers” in them. Of course, “Tony Stark” (played by the gorgeous Robert Downey Jr)Continue reading “One step at a time”