Bad Dates 3, 4 & 5…

Date 3: A guy about my age with longish, scraggly hair, a t-shirt I suspect was made from hemp and old, worn jeans met me at my favourite park for our date – a walk in the park and maybe drinks after. We’d see how we went. I can’t remember his name, but we’ll goContinue reading “Bad Dates 3, 4 & 5…”

Bad Dates #2

I decided I’d give dating another go and agreed to meet “Gavin” at a popular waterfront bar in East Perth. We shook hands and I tried not to compare this Gavin to the only Gavin I’d ever encountered before – an abusive man who had robbed me of happiness – and sunlight – for overContinue reading “Bad Dates #2”

The time Aliens were meant to show up :)

There I was, sitting on a bus heading around the city. We have free buses that each do a long loop around the city – they’re called “Cat” buses for some reason and I love catching them because I can cruise around Perth’s prettiest places in air-conditioned comfort. So good. Anyway. I was on theContinue reading “The time Aliens were meant to show up :)”

Falling in love with you

Matt was the first person I truly fell in love with. I remember we were at Youth group, surrounded by our friends and I couldn’t help but look over at him. Peircing blue eyes and black hair, a goofy smile with thick lips and white skin. It was the first time I wanted someone. OurContinue reading “Falling in love with you”

Guess who got hired today?

Meeeeeeee 🙂 I witnessed a lovely, friendly, comfortable office atmosphere when I sat in a red chair, waiting to be shown into the interview for this new job. I interviewed for the Admin position with 4 other girls yesterday – and 2 hours after I’d left the interview, I got offered the role. Look atContinue reading “Guess who got hired today?”

Can I have your pens?

So there I was, sitting across from my new psychologist, talking about my struggle between absolutely hating myself on the one hand and thinking I’m pretty damn close to perfection on the other hand. It’s a hard line to walk when I’m my worst enemy and my biggest advocate at the same time. All day.Continue reading “Can I have your pens?”