Sarah from the bench

The entire week had been full of sunshine and rainbows. The end of winter was GLORIOUS in that it was bright, not hot (woohoo) and such lovely weather for going out and about in the sunshine and cool breeze. My favourite weather. I agreed to meet my new friend Chris for lunch at his work.Continue reading “Sarah from the bench”

Speak to me in the language of love

November 04, 2019 I don’t mean that romantically, by the way. I really believe everyone has 1 or more of these love languages: Words: being spoken to, written to lovingly – the opposite – being talked to harshly, told off, yelled at or written to in harsh words can break your heart Touch: Being held,Continue reading “Speak to me in the language of love”

An afternoon with Moiz

May 1st 2020 Some people you just connect with instantly – and they become your friend for the rest of your life. I’ve had a few of those moments in my life. Christabel was one of them. We met in the Uni “Megalab” (a huge room filled with computers for Uni students to use). IContinue reading “An afternoon with Moiz”

I’ll ride with you

April 17, 2019 Hey, So not a lot has happened in my life since I last wrote to you. I suck at resting and I suck at getting anything done because the house is still a mess, my life in general is a mess and I’m tired even though I’ve not been in work for almost 6Continue reading “I’ll ride with you”

The balance

December 13, 2017 The other side of my messy blogs of late…is that I’m doing great. I love my job. I earn a small fortune every week ($800 – probably not loads to you, but to me, omg I feel like a millionaire) and I’m continuing to lose weight. I love my PT sessions. I loveContinue reading “The balance”

…and back UP they go

December 13, 2017 For goodness sakes. I’m totally fed up. I think I invite drama into my life unwittingly, you know. There I was…as happy as a clam, enjoying my awesome marriage, awesome job (omg I love this job), awesome friends and awesome life… …and then within the space of only a few hours, KirstyContinue reading “…and back UP they go”


December 12, 2017 Such a simple word but one that I like a lot. “Hey” I used it twice today on people in my life who have really, really hurt me. First, “Kirsty” is back in my life. When I say ‘back’, I actually mean “at the very edges” of it, but there nonetheless. ThisContinue reading “Hey”

Sweaty palms

March 08, 2017 My prayer for me: That my palms wont be sweaty tomorrow – so I can hold your handThat God gives me wisdom to answer you with, so I can give you solid adviceThat I don’t just listen to you – but that I can read between the lines and really hear you when you speakThatContinue reading “Sweaty palms”

Good memories

March 07, 2017 In an effort not to combust from all the RAGE I’m experiencing – here is a happy moment in my life a like to reflect on from time to time… When I was struggling under the weight of control “Gareth” had over me…on one of the rare afternoons Gareth wasn’t home “watchingContinue reading “Good memories”

Just right

July 22, 2013 Sometimes new friends can be surprising in that they know what we need more than old friends do. As was the case on Saturday morning with my new friend, Roz. Roz is someone I met on assignment at the really lovely place I used to work by the Boat Harbour in SouthContinue reading “Just right”