Navigating stormy, unfamiliar waters

I’ve been blessed in my life because I’ve never lost anyone close to me. I wasn’t aware just how special that was until my Dad died, you know. I get angry at God – my first experience losing someone in my life and it couldn’t be an old high school buddy, Lord? It couldn’t beContinue reading “Navigating stormy, unfamiliar waters”

Where is my Dad?

It’s day 5 since my Dad died. I miss him so much. Yesterday I couldn’t face anything. I couldn’t do any housework or gardening. Today I made the bed and feel like I have it in me to do the dishes and tidy the kitchen. I honestly feel like a psychopath. I haven’t cried nearlyContinue reading “Where is my Dad?”

memories of my Dad…and the dreaded musli bowl

March 11, 2013 Hey, There’s a random bowl of unappealing muesli on the Reception counter. It was ‘left over’ from one of the big meetings upstairs – along with a plateful of chocolate biscuits with vanilla cream in the middle. One guess which snack got entirely devoured first? Anyway, Bill and another Director from the meeting (fromContinue reading “memories of my Dad…and the dreaded musli bowl”