These are my favourite days…

April 03, 2012 I wanted to spend time remembering things that make me smile today.Here goes: I remember when I slept at the Ambrose’s house in the room they made just for me. With floral bed covers (Mrs Ambrose gave them to me – they’re in my cupboard crying out to be used again butContinue reading “These are my favourite days…”

I am someone who…

July 18, 2011 The microwave that Alun’s boss donated to us did a very strange thing today – it started affirming who it was and what it’s role was…really randomly. I think the power had cut out – so¬†the microwave screen¬†flashed; and the time Alun had programmed in when we first plugged it in wentContinue reading “I am someone who…”

For you, Jonathan.

January 29, 2011 ** a letter to my ex husband I wrote years and years ago…enjoy ** Hi Jonathan, How are you? Im writing to you on my blog because whenever we have spoken over the last year and a half, we are both too full of emotion to think clearly and calmly. Im alsoContinue reading “For you, Jonathan.”

I dont want to forget:

September 14, 2010 Things I don’t want to ever forget: When Pete, Lyn and Troy had a “Janet Intervention” for me when I was at my worst with my depression. They all came over, brought kick-ass snacks and helped me unravel the HUGE UGLY tangle I’d gotten myself into. When Gracie drove from Ellenbrook toContinue reading “I dont want to forget:”

Divorce and Remarriage

Hey, I have nothing to do at work. I’ve re-filled the printers with paper, tidied the stationery cupboard, loaded the dishwasher, tidied the kitchen and both meeting rooms are being used, or I would have tidied them, too. I’ve checked work emails and responded to everything – which left me with an hour to goContinue reading “Divorce and Remarriage”

Bad Dates 3, 4 & 5…

Date 3: A guy about my age with longish, scraggly hair, a t-shirt I suspect was made from hemp and old, worn jeans met me at my favourite park for our date – a walk in the park and maybe drinks after. We’d see how we went. I can’t remember his name, but we’ll goContinue reading “Bad Dates 3, 4 & 5…”

Bad Dates #2

I decided I’d give dating another go and agreed to meet “Gavin” at a popular waterfront bar in East Perth. We shook hands and I tried not to compare this Gavin to the only Gavin I’d ever encountered before – an abusive man who had robbed me of happiness – and sunlight – for overContinue reading “Bad Dates #2”

Falling in love with you

Matt was the first person I truly fell in love with. I remember we were at Youth group, surrounded by our friends and I couldn’t help but look over at him. Peircing blue eyes and black hair, a goofy smile with thick lips and white skin. It was the first time I wanted someone. OurContinue reading “Falling in love with you”

Families and Food

There is something really special about food. It brings people together. I think my happiest memories with my family or my beloved friends feature food somehow. There is something deeply comforting and heart-warming about getting together to share a meal. Whenever I’d stay over at Gracie’s, her loud, shouty, expressive Italian family would make meContinue reading “Families and Food”