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“Think of the last time you were genuinely happy”

I saw a girl on YouTube plug a new app “Aura” on her channel, saying it was amazing for meditation and starting her day off happily. I’m all for that, so I downloaded “Aura” onto my phone, too. It’s pretty cool and looks very pretty. I signed up for the 7-day free trial and will […]

Sick of being SICK

First, it was a sore shoulder. It hurt so much having a trapped nerve right under my left shoulder blade. Physio appointments were helpful (praise God) and over that week, the nerve got released and the pain lessened. As it did, though – seratonin syndrome (withdrawals from anti-depressants) began. Oh. My. Gosh. That was HELL. […]


I’ve lived in a lot of houses. Like…over 25. I’m grateful that whenever my parents threw me out, God provided a home – usually through a loving friend. My friends would find out I was homeless (again) and they’d band together to look after me. Every time. I’m so grateful for my friends. In every […]

Time machine

Whenever I watch or read about time travel, my soul longs for it. Oh how I long to to back and have a “do over”. Can you even imagine? I would want to see my Dad every single day. I’d listen to him and try to record everything on camera if I could. I’d argue […]

There’s no substitute for compassion

The latest thing out there right now is all about “manifesting” goodness, wealth, health, happiness etc into your own life. “If you believe it…you will achieve it“ Sorry, (not really) but that’s utter bullsh*t. Believing and – for the love of God – manifesting *shudder* good things can only get you so far. I think […]

Something only we know

Only people who suffer from mental illness – like severe depression, for instance – can truly understand why those poor people leapt out of the Twin Towers when they had been attacked and planes rammed into them on the 11th of September, killing so many innocent people. On that terrible and tragic day, people were […]

Up all night

I can’t sleep through the night any more. I feel exhausted…right down to my bones, every night. I have felt like this for a week. Tired, I go to bed. I am showered, in clean pjs, we have a relatively comfortable bed…but no matter how much I try, I can’t get to sleep. If I […]

30 questions with JD 🙂

Totes copying from an awesome blog by one of my favourite bloggers “Frog Machinery” where he interviews himself and gave us all insight into who he is as a person. In true Janet fashion, I like his idea and want to do the same. I’ll put the kettle on, you get comfortable. Let’s go! When […]

Friends make the world a much better place

I’m off mood stablisers and this is my 3rd week of withdrawing from them. It has been HELL. I’m not even kidding. So now that no medication is ‘stabilising’ me, I’m crying at the drop of a hat. Everything makes me cry. Toast that dropped on the floor – butter side up – I stared […]


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