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Bloganuary is comingggg!!! YAAAASSSS

So excited for Bloganuary where every day in January, we got a writing prompt. We get to share what we came up with on the Bloganuary site and read other brilliant answers from fellow bloggers. Hopefully this link works: sign up but entering your email, then you’ll get the daily prompts sent to you. […]

The best gift ever

My friend Marquessa writes an awesome blog (I’ll find out how to link it below if you wanted to check it out) and on one of her latest posts, she asks “What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?” Such a great question! I’m so happy to be able to share mine with you. When I […]

Christmas is coming…

I was out of work for about 6 weeks. That was over a month of bills coming OUT and nothing coming IN. I used my lovely $2K savings making sure everything got paid on time. The STRESS!!! Arghhhhhh!!! 3-4 weeks of hospital, then 2 weeks of serious job-hunting before I found a temp position for […]

Hello 👋

Hi guys and girls ☺️ I’m working long hours in a new job and I’m sooo tired that I’ve not been able to blog – or to read my favourite blogs – I’m really sorry. Just wanted to tell you I’m still here.

There’s no excuse.

An ex boyfriend used to hit me, lock me up, starve me and kept me astranged from everyone I knew and loved for 3 long years. It is no excuse to go and hurt anyone, though. My parents heavily favoured my younger sibling over me and that really bruised my confidence and gave me abandonment […]

Job hunting. Ughhhhh

So now that I’m out of hospital, I need to get back onto the job market and find a new job. My previous managers “let me go” because I’d “been away too long” from a job I really enjoyed and was good at. Sigh. So. I updated my Resume and sent the newest version out […]

“I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy”

Well. I obviously need to read my Bible and have a more regular attendance at Church because I would. My worst enemies? I hope they suffer. I’m concerned about how cold and uncaring I am when it comes to people that have hurt me, abused me, betrayed me and used me. I have absolutely no […]

So…I had this:

It was terrifying not being able to breathe, but a Google search has at least lead me to a reason why. Knowledge is power, after all.

The 7 lives of Janet.

I nearly died 6 days ago. Alun and I were in the car, driving to Albany – down South. I’d successfully rapped to Eminem’s “lose yourself” and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. That’s when it happened. My windpipe decided – for no reason at all – to close. Panicked, I started gasping for air. […]


Alun is fast asleep, softly snoring in beside me in bed. It’s so weird that when you get older, it’s the smallest moments and simplest times that mean the most. I’ve turned it off so Alun gets a good sleep, but my bedside lamp was on earlier just so I could watch Alun sleep. He’s […]


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