Ahaha you’re getting a lot of blogs today, huh? Lucky you. I wanted to write about triggers today. Mine are family, abandonment, being labelled something I am not…and this newest one – having a go at my walk with Jesus when you know NOTHING about it. I was at work with MK and CN yesterdayContinue reading “Trigger”

Losing a friend

I’m a lover not a fighter so I don’t like conflict. But the weekend brought conflict to me and I dealt with it the best I could.It started with Jack tagging me on a post about getting a million dollars if the person you tag is someone who’s always late. Haha. Very funny. So atContinue reading “Losing a friend”

Between the lines

My memoir is a careful tightrope balance between speaking my truth and protecting those I love…or in all honesty – trying not to be bollocked by my parents for telling the world their secrets. So I won’t write about my Dad being a raging alcoholic or my Mom buying, selling, growing and smoking marijuana allContinue reading “Between the lines”

Thank you

I used to date a scary, incredibly abusive guy. When HE decided to leave ME (the only way the relationship was going to end because I’d bonded with my captor), Dad agreed to drive us both to the airport. We watched Gavin’s suitcases, TV (yes, he took the only TV ‘we’ had in ‘our’ apartment)Continue reading “Thank you”

so much nothing

I’ve spent most of today writing which has been really good. I’m getting there on my Memoirs and it’s exciting thinking that one day soon I’ll be sending the manuscript to Olympia Publishers in the UK and Austin MacCauley in New York. Can you imagine if one of them wants to publish it? My imaginationContinue reading “so much nothing”

Call me inspired?

Originally posted on beingmesince95:
Soooo… I guess it’s finally time I give this whole blogging thing a whirl. I have wanted to for a long time, but I’ve always thought that I have never had anything important to say, and that no one will read it anyway. Then along came Janet… I’ll start at the…

Bricking it

Alun mentioned today that his boss arranged a meeting “soon” with him and a HR representative to discuss the “incidents which took place before” Alun left the Ward he was on. Alun was burnt out and deeply unhappy in his old job and feels so much happier in his new job. The old job hadContinue reading “Bricking it”


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