King Street

If it was going to be anywhere that I ran into my brother, it would be here. I thought this as I stood on King St in the city, waiting to meet my friend Samantha for dinner. King St is one of the most fancy streets in Perth and is home to high-end stores likeContinue reading “King Street”

Good date #1

Patrick was handsome, smart, funny and kind. When he wanted to take me out on a date, I was so excited! “I’ll pick you up from the train station after work – is that cool?” It was fine with me. I guess it gave me a little more agency and independence and I was excitedContinue reading “Good date #1”

Why, hello there 🙂

I’m at work but I keep nervously glancing at the clock in the corner of my computer screen because I’m nervous, anxious, excited and pleased about dinner tonight with an old friend. Back in the day, Caris and I were best friends. We did so much together and we trusted each other with our lives.Continue reading “Why, hello there :)”

Bad Dates #2

I decided I’d give dating another go and agreed to meet “Gavin” at a popular waterfront bar in East Perth. We shook hands and I tried not to compare this Gavin to the only Gavin I’d ever encountered before – an abusive man who had robbed me of happiness – and sunlight – for overContinue reading “Bad Dates #2”

Bad Dates #1

We met outside a restaurant in East Perth, it was a rainy day so I was huddled under my bright pink umbrella, biting my lip and wondering for the 100th time if I had come to the right place at the right time. The guy I was waiting to meet had agreed to dinner andContinue reading “Bad Dates #1”


It’s weird being 43 in 2021 because I was here before the internet. I grew up being warned against getting into cars with strangers and now we PAY to do just that. I’m watching a show about an Uber driver now and it’s made me appreciate that small space of time where connections can weContinue reading “Ubers”

Losing a friend

I’m a lover not a fighter so I don’t like conflict. But the weekend brought conflict to me and I dealt with it the best I could.It started with Jack tagging me on a post about getting a million dollars if the person you tag is someone who’s always late. Haha. Very funny. So atContinue reading “Losing a friend”


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