Where is my Dad?

It’s day 5 since my Dad died. I miss him so much. Yesterday I couldn’t face anything. I couldn’t do any housework or gardening. Today I made the bed and feel like I have it in me to do the dishes and tidy the kitchen. I honestly feel like a psychopath. I haven’t cried nearlyContinue reading “Where is my Dad?”

My Dad has been cremated

They move fast over there in the Philippines. My Dad passed away. He got moved to the morgue. He then got cremated. Somewhere in the Philippines my Dad is in a container. My Dad!!! 😭 I can’t even…

Angry at the sun

I’m angry that the sun rose today. How could it rise now that my Dad is gone? I’m angry at every car passing our home, mad that people are going about their days when my Dad is no longer with us. Father God, how is today so beautiful? Why is the sun shining and theContinue reading “Angry at the sun”

My Dad just died

At around 4am, my phone rang. An international number flashed on the screen and in my half-awake state, I thought “Scammers” and rejected the call. A minute later, my phone dinged with a message. “Cheeky buggers” I thought “they’re probably leaving me a message on the best phone deals or how they can provide aContinue reading “My Dad just died”

Reign in the crazy

Full disclosure, guys – I used to be batsh*t crazy. When my first love broke up with me (we were giving it a 2nd chance in our early 20’s), I wasn’t able to handle it. I couldn’t accept that Matt could just…leave me… So instead of acknowledging it had ended and moving graciously on…I wentContinue reading “Reign in the crazy”


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