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On the edge

All I wanted for FIVE LONG DAYS was a letter from my psychiatrist saying I was not a nutcase and was able to make rational decisions in court. My Lawyers demand it before they will help me prepare for Trial on Wednesdsay. Given that NO ONE works on weekends, I have FOUR DAYS now toContinue reading “On the edge”

This is it, then.

I’ve been in hospital almost a week now. I’m fed up. I want to go home. I’m scared out of my mind, anxious, FURIOUS, exhausted and sick to death of f**king “group therapy” which is a complete f**king waste of time, yet it takes up most of my days. My “therapist” has only seen meContinue reading “This is it, then.”


I’m usually very quiet. I’m polite. I’m gently spoken and I try to promote kindness and peace wherever I go. But today? TODAY EVERYBODY CAN GET FUCKED. I mean that with every fibre of my being. I hate this stupid fucking world. I hate my life. I hate how I try my best to loveContinue reading “Raging”


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