Saying goodbye to my parents

“How far away are you?” Alun asked over the phone. I could hear his smile and it made me smile, too. “Hmm…maybe a few minutes. I’m glad you called because I’m a bit lost…where on earth is Dirty Nellies???” Alun laughed “It’s on a little hidden lane way…where abouts are you?” “Across from the MantraContinue reading “Saying goodbye to my parents”

A Dummy’s guide to Social Anxiety

In case you have someone in your life with depression and/or anxiety, I wanted to write a guide to hopefully help you know how to deal with them when a social occasion arises. Stick to the plan. If you’ve invited a friend to lunch, DON’T SURPRISE THEM WITH a sky-diving experience. Obviously I’m being aContinue reading “A Dummy’s guide to Social Anxiety”

On my hands and knees, struggling

I’m not there yet…not as bad as I was in June 2017…but I’m close. Because I feel like I’m crawling through life on my hand and knees. I heard someone describe depression once as “a video game – we are all in a video game and everyone has been given instructions and are starting onContinue reading “On my hands and knees, struggling”