This one’s for you

I see you. Working hard and not being noticed. Emptying bins at work and everyone treats you as if you’re not there. Working long hours and managing a household with little ones all on your own… Feeling lonely in a crowd and thinking you’ll never find the one for you. Feeling hurt, passed over, rejected,Continue reading “This one’s for you”

Falling in love with you

Matt was the first person I truly fell in love with. I remember we were at Youth group, surrounded by our friends and I couldn’t help but look over at him. Peircing blue eyes and black hair, a goofy smile with thick lips and white skin. It was the first time I wanted someone. OurContinue reading “Falling in love with you”

Guess who got hired today?

Meeeeeeee 🙂 I witnessed a lovely, friendly, comfortable office atmosphere when I sat in a red chair, waiting to be shown into the interview for this new job. I interviewed for the Admin position with 4 other girls yesterday – and 2 hours after I’d left the interview, I got offered the role. Look atContinue reading “Guess who got hired today?”

Girl, I feel you

So the hunt for another job is on. I got a call from a recruiter today about a reception job. The last receptionist had been “let go” after 4 weeks (why was this being disclosed to me?) because she “wasn’t keeping up” with the busy role and was letting “outside personal problems” interfere with herContinue reading “Girl, I feel you”

Depression is a sneaky bastard

It doesn’t call ahead. It doesn’t ask “hey, is this a good time?” it just visits when it damn well pleases and that is really hard to deal with. Today it caught me mid-step. I was walking from a café to a bakery (hey, I love donuts, ok?) and between my 7th and 8th step,Continue reading “Depression is a sneaky bastard”