The first ever school shooting in Australia – and it was in Perth. My home.

I believe every single person in Perth was frozen to their TV yesterday – staring in horror at the news reports of a school shooting. Our first ever in Australia. The fact that it was in our home of Perth was especially gut wrenching.

Praise God, no one was hurt. The 15-year-old boy with 2 rifles (RIFLES?!? IN AUSTRALIA?!? WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR WORLD?!?) shot at school buildings but didn’t access the classrooms/play areas and was apprehended before he caused devastating damage that can’t be repaired. He only shot 3 times before he was caught and arrested.

My friend’s sons go to the school where the shooting was. I can’t imagine the panic and pain she went through – not knowing if her boys were safe or not. I can’t imagine the terror the students and teachers went through, hearing shots being fired and knowing there was an ACTIVE SHOOTER on school grounds.

Holding my breath as well as Alun’s hand, we watched in dismay as reporters interviewed shaken, tearful children explaining how scared they were to “hear the pops” and how everyone had to hide under desks, in storage closets or find safety behind playground equipment.

We were unprepared for this heinous moment in time – this scar across our peaceful Australian history – because we’ve not had any problems with guns in over 40 blissful years. We of course have robberies, stabbings, “the usual punch-ups” in bars or during sporting events…but guns are as foreign to us as….I don’t even know what to use as an example…alien abductions, maybe?

Praise God, our Governments are doing another strict check of every Australian household and taking away guns. No one should have a gun here in Australia and if they do – they use them only for farming purposes – protecting their crops from unwanted intruders – not for classrooms.

I can’t understand why.


What kind of a person do you have to be to take someone’s life?

I have felt miserable in my life. I’ve weighed up suicide more times than I can count because I felt so deeply unhappy. So alone and in so much pain for so long that I knew I physically couldn’t hold on a moment longer.

So I started to plan my suicide. My first thoughts were to run across the freeway/highway and get run over. Or in front of a huge truck or bus. I cancelled those plans because they involved someone else and I didn’t want them to go through any trauma.

Isn’t that what all humans should do when they’re in pain? Find a way not to take it out on anyone else? Why would you take a GUN to a SCHOOL???

I love children. I’m not an animals person, I’m not sporty or cool but children – they’re my jam. Seeing the little ones being squeezed tight by traumatised parents who collected them from school once the news was out that a shooter was on the loose – that’s what hurt my heart.

I will never be able to wrap my mind around why School shooters are a ‘thing’ in the US or how the first young person to do it thought it was a viable option…OR HOW OTHERS THOUGHT TO DO THE SAME.

I just don’t understand.

14 responses to “The first ever school shooting in Australia – and it was in Perth. My home.”

  1. Lots of people these days trying to impose their will on others. Murder might be part of that.

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    1. It’s a terrible thing, Jeff.


  2. As an American I don’t quite get the popularity of the mindset of owining a weapon of mass destruction or a simple pistol, period. I feel for you. Seemed only a matter of time for this 24 year nightmare in the US to hit other countries. I am also sick of the arguements that guns dont kill people, people kill people. That’s a half truth. The truth is that people with guns kill people (a lot with assault rifles). Nothing but praise in that this was an unusual incidenr and NOT a tragedy. 🤗🖤🤍 I also am glad that you are still here as well. Because you matter.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Matt. People with guns kill a lot more than people with crossbows. The argument for gun rights is lost on me. I’m glad to be here too ☺️ that way I get to see more of your artwork and cheeky haikus xx

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  3. I will never understand…💔

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  4. I’m sorry to hear this happened in Australia. I know here in the States it’s such a common occurrence that many of us barely bat an eye when it happens, which is its own type of sadness.

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  5. I’m so much like you that way. Never had a pet so don’t know how to relate. But children? They have my whole heart.

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    1. This is something that bonds us, we both love children so much xx

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      1. Just I was meant to connect with you 🫶🏽

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  6. I’ve been avoiding the news so did not know about this. How horrific and scary.

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    1. Honestly, I wish I avoided the news more too, Shanti. All it brings is heartache.

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      1. The news in Singapore scares me – always about inflation etc

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      2. That’s very scary, Shanti. I can understand why you’d want to avoid it.

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