Quotes I live by.

Daily writing prompt
Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

I like the WordPress “daily prompt”, it reminds me of how much fun “Bloganuary” is and sometimes gives out prompts I can’t help but respond to – like this one:

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

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These are the quotes that mean a lot to me:

Even the darkest hour only lasts 60 minutes“. When anxiety is especially bad or depression has me by the throat, I remind myself of this quote and I think to myself “I can do another *however many minutes are left in that hour*…I’ll just take things one minute at a time.” This works for me every time. Thank you, God.

Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep” – as someone who’s come up against a lot of bullies in the jobs I’ve been placed in, this quote is something I print out on day 1 of a new job and place somewhere I can see it (in hindsight I should just make ONE copy and maybe laminate it so I can take it from job to job) and it gives me strength. When other girls (the bullying is always from other women in the office. In 15 years of temp work, I’ve never encountered such awful behaviour from any of the males. Interesting) gossip about me, mock me, laugh at me or outright insult me, I think “You’re a silly sheep. I’M A LION. Have your stupid opinions, I don’t need to care about them”.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle” – not sure if Dolly Parton or Tyra Banks came up with this (probably Dolly) but I love it. I love that certain versions of this quote are made with glittery letters on the word “sparkle”. I had it printed and put up in our home study, I liked looking up at the words and the reminder to ‘shine’ no matter what.

The only way out is through” – my friend “Atta” loves this quote and seems to send it to me whenever I’m struggling. I try not to tell anyone when I’m struggling, so her timing is impeccable and a little bit magical if you ask me.

If you’re going through HELL – keep going” – not sure who came up with this, but it’s definitely one I use to motivate myself to ‘keep going’ when I’m facing tough times.

My Dad loved to quote the below ALL THE TIME. Now that he’s gone, I hear his voice in my head saying these quotes in times where I feel scared or unsure. Thank you, Dad. I miss you.

Feel the fear and do it anyway, Babygirl”

Patience is a virtue, desired by many but given only to a few

You’re never too old and it’s never too late

Never EVER give up

16 responses to “Quotes I live by.”

  1. Regular Learner Avatar
    Regular Learner

    Very nice thoughts it can always help anybody.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting xx

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  2. I love your quotes.

    Life is not easy and when all else fails, Go have a sleep, seeing it in a new light or from a different perspective will make it easier to get through.

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    1. Thank you so much, Vivika. You’re so right – things look better after a nice meal and a good sleep 🙂


  3. Hmmm. You’ve just reminded me that for 11 years, I had “Be Nick Naylor” taped to my computer monitor. Nick Naylor is the lead character in the movie ‘Thank You for Smoking.’ Even though he has a reprehensible job (principal lobbyist for the American tobacco industry) he approaches everyone with nonjudgmental good nature and genuine curiosity. These are a couple of traits I struggle with. I would be wise to put this back on my monitor.

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  4. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
    Grant at Tame Your Book!

    Excellent quotes, Janet. One of my favorites is made from ten two-letter words: If it is to be, it is up to me. Keep ’em coming!

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    1. That’s such a great quote, Grant! I love it!

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  5. These are my favorite lines!

    ” Try it Before you think you can actually finish it don’t just wait to become perfect to try that thing ”

    “Replace apology with appreciation”

    “Quite When you’re doing good at it. Don’t stop When you are doing bad at it. Keep you hungry”

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    1. Those are great quotes, Thulasikan! Very positive ones xx

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  6. Loved all the quotes! They filled me with a lot of hope and sparked joy .

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  7. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle is a great one.

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    1. Right? It’s so inspiring xx


  8. You’re never too old and it’s never too late. – this one encourage me

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  9. The best I have gone through in May.

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  10. “Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be”

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