Medium is changing the way I write my book

It’s been humbling trying to make my way on “Medium” because there are literally MILLIONS OF BETTER WRITERS out there. I read so many incredible pieces of writing on there and I think “Woah – that’s amazing. I can’t compete with that”.

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I know I can’t compete…yet.

YET is the key word here. Because maybe one day I can.

Until then, I’ll keep reading. I’ll keep researching. I’ll keep taking note of writing that resounds with me. I’ll keep leaving claps (such a weird thing on Medium but I’m slowly getting used to it and now I’m getting offended if someone leaves me ONE…like…how dare you, man? Lol) and keep interacting with other writers.

It’s definitely changing the way I write.

It’s also changing the way I view my memoir. I’m going to re-write it chapter by chapter until it starts to look like the incredible, moving, poetic, show-stopping, heart-wrenching pieces I read on Medium.

I’m inspired and I also know it’s a hard slog.

But I think I can do this, guys.

11 responses to “Medium is changing the way I write my book”

  1. One of the awesome things about writing is that someone who is not technically as good a writer can write pieces that better resonate with readers than super great writers. I used to spend a lot of time comparing my writing to others. Over the years, that has morphed into taking the time to analyze what worked for the other writer and try to internalize the lesson. I don’t post on Medium, but the online periodical where I have a standing column will repost stuff there. How many claps do yo leave. I often wonder if all fifty claps came from one person. Years ago, I was a bit more involved with Medium, I used to leave three claps. For me, one comment outweighs 100 claps.

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    1. I like that you’re learning from other writers and you’re probably improving all the time. I’ve read a lot of your blogs and love your writing style, Jeff. You’re one of the writers I look up to and hope to be like one day, for sure.

      I give 25 claps for interesting articles and 50 for ones that really impressed me. I love a comment for EVERYTHING I read because I know how much getting comments means to me so I do it for every article or “essay” I read on Medium.

      What is the standing column you have on there? I’d like to read it xx

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      1. Things get posted on the good men project website on tuesdays and then they sometimes post it to medium a few days later. Everything is first published on my blog though so if you read that you’re getting everything. Thanks for the nice words on my writing.

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      2. That’s so awesome, Jeff! So pleased for you xx


  2. You can Janet. I started writing journals in 1971. Now I have 60 plus filled with poetry and memory. I need to read to write. Awake my mind.

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    1. Wow John, that’s amazing! What an incredible record of your life! Do you think you’ll ever turn those into books?


  3. You have a very strong voice. Your personality comes through-clear and forthright. That’s the biggest plus in communicating. Everything else is just practice I believe. Onwards and upwards.

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    1. Thank you so much! You’ve built me up after a morning of rejections from publishers.


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