For Catwoman ;)

Hey hey fellow bloggers,

I posted a few days ago about my birthday celebrations and Kelly “Catwoman” showed such an interest in the “Mandurah Giants” that I took to Instagram to find photos of them all (these photos belong to others, not mine) so I could show them to her 🙂

The Artist who created them is named in the 1st photo below and the Giants are “hidden throughout the Peel region” (land the size of most of Western Australia which is HUGE) and NOT just in Mandurah. Grr. They need to be more clear about this in the ads!!!


Moving on.

Here are the giants:

This is the big guy Alun and I saw xx
Isn’t this photo wonderful?

So there you have it, lovely Kelly.

I’m hoping Alun and I can take a few days off and go and find them all. You have to solve puzzles/clues to find each one so I’m excited to give it a go xx

8 responses to “For Catwoman ;)”

  1. Artists that do work in extremely large scale is super impressive to me

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    1. Same. The amount of work and lugging it all to really, really REMOTE places to assemble it again…just wow. I’m looking forward to seeing the Giants in person – all of them xx

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      1. xx i saw giant sculptures like that when I visited a 400 acre sculpture park 😁

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      2. Oh wow!!! That sounds amazing!


  2. I left a long message a couple of days ago and when I sent it I was told that I’m offline. I didn’t have time to wait to get back online. Then I spent all day Saturday and Sunday packing to move Sunday afternoon.
    Wow!!! I am so blown away by all of this! It had to have taken a very long time to design and build these gorgeous giants! Do you think the Aborigines created this? I love every one of them. I really love the one laying on his side. It’s like he got tired between hunting and he just went to lie down! LOL!
    It would be so great if you and your husband were able to go back when you have a lot of time. You could really look and study the giants.
    Thank you for doing a search on them and posting them here! You’re really, special Janet!

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    1. Arghhh I hate when long messages don’t send. It’s so frustrating to have to re-write them, isn’t it? Thank you for leaving a comment, I’ve been looking forward to hearing from you and was hoping you’d like the pictures of the other giants. I smiled hearing about your favourite Giant – the one having a nap. Hahaha. So good. I like the one we saw, funnily enough. He was sitting on a tall sand dune on the beach and just looks so happy with his hands in the air. I also like the giants with “hair” from sticks – something about that really appeals to me.

      I’m hoping Alun will take me to see the other Giants one day soon (I don’t drive otherwise I’d take myself as Alun isn’t keen and thinks they’re a waste of time) but I won’t hold my breath. I was lucky to see the one and it ended up being the ‘guy’ I liked most, anyway. Lol.

      Sending you big hugs xx

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  3. You tell Alun these are works of art and are not a waste of time. But they are more than works of art. This is part of the culture of Australia.
    Yes, I do love the one with his arms in the air. Even from the back, I could tell he was very jubilant!
    Hugs to you, my friend.

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    1. Hahaha I’ll run that by Alun – who can be incredibly stubborn 😣

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