Dealing with my 1st Troll.


I guess I’ve been really blessed and protected along my blogging journey because I’ve not come up against a “Troll” before but yesterday (I saw it this morning) someone got riled up and left me a discouraging comment.

I’d written a post on ways to survive in toxic work environments (I think I’ve posted about it here, but probably years ago because I just copied and pasted from this blog onto medium, tidied it up, cut the word count down and re-posted it) and old mate below didn’t agree.

Here are my screenshots of his comment and how I responded:

I feel proud because in the constant state of rage I seem to be stuck in, I think I handled it well.

My response:

14 responses to “Dealing with my 1st Troll.”

  1. Well done, my friend, for coping with this obnoxious troll like you did, especially given that you were in a really tough place at the time and may still be. You did brilliantly not to join in what could have turned out to be an ongoing nasty exchange with him continuing to fire offensive comments at you. Did you hear back from him again? There must be a way of blocking trolls like this. Well done on keeping your cool when it would have been easy to get into an ongoing battle of views. With a bit of luck, that’s the last you’ll hear of him. How are you today, Janet? I think I missed a couple of your posts or at least couldn’t reply to them, as I was having a down day yesterday and have got all behind with everyone’s work. Much love to you, my dear friend. Xxx πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    1. Thank you sooo much, beautiful Ellie. At first I just wanted to curse and get angry but I took a breath (praise God for pauses) and did my best not to be rude, but to stand up for myself. He hasn’t responded and I’m grateful.

      I’m doing ok today – treading water rather than drowning but I’m still fat from dry land. I love your heart and that you asked.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having a down day – those are so hard to get through 😞 I’m sending you lots of love and hope you wake in the morning feeling a little better πŸ’•

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      1. I think you responded in just the right way to my mind – calm, non-offensive or confrontational, yet firm and assertive as was necessary. I’m so glad you’ve not heard from him again.

        Thank you for your good wishes and for the love especially. I am feeling a fair bit better today, thankfully. Peanut (my cat) is still a bit off-colour, though. Mind you, she went out in the garden this morning, so must me feeling a bit better, too. I really don’t know what was wrong with her in the last couple of days. Much love to you, also, my dear friend. Xx πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸ’–

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  2. What a pompous douchebag

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    1. Right? I’m guessing he doesn’t have a lot of mates and too much time on his hands. He has a “PHD” but doesn’t know the difference between “they’re” and “their”, so…that tells me all I need to know about him, I think.

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  3. So sorry that you had to deal with that! Some people dont know how to act, eh? Too much time on his hands…

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    1. It’s been a learning curve, for sure. Thank you for leaving a kind comment, Marquessa xxxx

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  4. Honey, you know you’re writings are amazing when you have TROLLS! You’re doing something RIGHT when you have TROLLS! πŸ™‚ Your blog is excellent, and I love reading your posts, so keep doing what you’re doing, and smile at the haters. We need them sometimes to give us something else to write about. lol

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  5. Really nice response here Janet. For sure you could have been just a big an ass and then there would be a fight. You presented facts without belittling this person. Supported your post and position and moved on. You should feel really great about this and I agree with #grabadrinkandchillwithme, If you don’t ruffle some feathers along the way you are most likely not putting enough of yourself out there for people to respond to. Again though, my professional opinion is that you did a very nice job responding here. Peace and hugs.

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    1. I’m learning from you, my friend! I think you said a ways back that you gave a lot of speeches? Did I get that right? When we speak to others, we toe the line of being assertive and sticking up for ourselves but then not getting dirty about it and not calling the person we’re disagreeing with names or attacking them. I found it VERY HARD because I felt this guy was talking out of his ass…but I restrained myself and I’m happy with my response. I love so much that I have your support on this, too. When something comes with a “Tommy Approved” sticker, then it’s worth A LOT to me xx


  6. You handled this very well Janet 😊

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    1. *high five* thanks, Wayne!

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      1. Anytime! ☺️

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  7. Imaging carrying so much anger that you feel the need to read something you already know you’re going to disagree with and then leave a long angry comment. Good job for not lashing out.

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