Autobiography – the hook

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

Since I’ve actually completed my Memoir, I can tell you what the first sentence is! Haha.

However, this writing prompt asks for the first sentence of my autobiography, so that’s a different ‘animal’ altogether.

My first sentence would probably be “growing up as the black kid in an all-white family is not the hilarious mis-adventure it looks like on the TV”.

To be so ‘other’ is absolutely heartbreaking.

That’s all for today xx

8 responses to “Autobiography – the hook”

  1. Wow! Incredible! I want to know more……

    The first sentence in my memoir is,

    “My life ended before it even began.”

    I have no idea what it would be in my autobiography. Maybe, “This is a story of survival…..just barely.”

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    1. Such a powerful 1st sentence! I’m in! 1 copy, please xx

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  2. For me if I ever wrote it would be “A lifetime of one foot on steady ground and the other always sinking.”

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    1. I would read that, Matt!!! Sounds painful and relateable. Do you think you WOULD write a book?


      1. One of my blogs was an attempt at a memoir, but i couldn’t commit. Idk. Ya never know. Just not ready to come out if me in book form.

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      2. You’re making the wise choice, there. When (and if) you feel like you want to write your book – you’ll feel driven to do it and it will hopefully enjoy the challenge 😉

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    2. What about, ‘One foot on shaky ground and the other in my mouth.” I always seem to have my foot in my mouth at any given time. 😋

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