Bloganuary and funnily enough…procrastination

Laughing here – because I’ve procrastinated on #bloganuary and am really behind on some of the prompts.

I’m going to do my best tonight to catch up! I’m facing my procrastination and I’m saying here and now – it’s not going to win!

Right. Let’s do this.

I’ve missed the “What’s your favourite meal to cook/eat?” so let’s smash this one out right away. I love writing about food.

My favourite meal to cook is spaghetti. I honestly think I’m AMAZING at it – even though I use sauce from a jar. I like making spaghetti so much so that Alun complains loudly if I ‘threaten’ to make it for him. He hates my version of it – angel hair pasta (it’s so fine and looks amazing), sauce from a jar – but get this, it’s expensive sauce from a gourmet food place – lean mince meat and a nice smattering of parmesan cheese on top.

Photo by Dana Tentis


My favourite meal to EAT is my Mom’s Adobo. That’s a Filipino dish and is basically a gorgeous chicken (or pork) brothy-type dish that’s cooked for hours and the sauce is filled with so much flavour that even thinking of it makes my mouth water. Mom uses a lot of vinegar, soy sauce, secret spices, bay leaves (who knew they could be so tasty? Maybe I should try some in my bolognese?) and boils the chicken or pork gently and for such a long time that they melt right off the bone. That awesome combo added to light, fluffy white rice…Heaven.


I might text Mom and ask her to make some for me with some sweet sticky rice.

And all the Filos said “Yeeahhhhhh!”


9 responses to “Bloganuary and funnily enough…procrastination”

  1. Looks quite delicious! From time to time, I find that procrastination likes to derail my plans.

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  2. I so hear you on that one, Bigsky man 🙂 procrastination is a slippery slope and very disruptive to plans 🙂

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  3. Well heck. so simple and yet so delicious when done correctly. I too love a good spaghetti and Alun has it all wrong. A good angel hair is where it is at. We also get good bougie sauce. I prefer a good meat sauce, or meatballs too. We do not do a “smattering” of cheese. Dawn especially likes some pasta with her cheese. HAHA

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      1. bougie, like super fancy.

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      2. Ahahahaha omg ok. Yep, I’m picking up what you’re putting down now. I love bougie things so much!!!

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      3. Oh boy, you left me with knackered and I left you with bougie. It’s a good day.

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  4. Salm

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  5. Ahlane

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