My best friend Becci

First of all, Becci is hands down my favourite person ever.

She’s sooo giving, generous, gentle, thoughtful, mouthy, kind, super smart, selfless…Becci is all the best things a person can be and I will forever be grateful that out of everyone in the world, I got to have Becci as my best friend.

We’ve gone through hell together, and we’ve seen each other at rock bottom. I think that’s a real testament to our lasting friendship that we have weathered a lot of storms together over the years.

I’ll attach screenshots below of a convo Becci and I had earlier this afternoon. I was laughing so much I couldn’t breathe.

I was “silent laughing” in the end, my mouth open and tears flowing but no sound came out because that’s the state I was in.

I am sooo grateful for such a beautiful best friend – the kind of person who is beautiful inside and out.

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