Can we see ourselves falling in love?

The short answer – for me – is no.

I think falling in love is an organic, beautiful thing that happens to us when we least expect it rather than something we can plan on.

I only bring this up because I’m watching “The Bachelors” (I love reality TV, bless my heart) and “I can see myself falling in love with you” seems to be the catch phrase peppered heavily throughout every episode.

I understand it as a “I’m going to keep my heart safe and I won’t lay my cards out on the line, so I’ll say I can see myself (potentially) falling for you instead of fully committing to how I feel”. I get that. It’s important to make careful, measured decisions.

But I truly believe Love decides for itself. I think true, lasting, real love isn’t something you can control. I also don’t think you can love someone “a little bit”. I think you’re either all in…or you’re not in love.

And that’s totally OK. You don’t have to be in love and there’s courage and integrity in being honest and saying “No. I don’t feel the same way” (ok, be more tactful and compassionate of course) to someone who expresses their love for you. From my experience it’s so much better to be honest when you’re in a relationship.

And that’s my 2 cents on that particular phrase. Lol. Follow me for more life advice 😉

10 responses to “Can we see ourselves falling in love?”

  1. I agree. Sometimes you can be so busy waiting for the thunderclap you miss accepting people for who they are and letting things organically grow. Thanks for sharing.😊

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    1. So true, Storyteller! If we wait for “the perfect moment” we might miss something really important in terms of relationships. Thank you so much for reading and commenting ❤️

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  2. Yeah I completely agree. As someone who has both in relationships and single for years at a time, that feeling of love comes when it’s not expected. It’ll be during a conversation or the way they look when they walk toward you, or something really random. It just hits you out of the blue and you can’t go back. I think love usually takes time, though a lot of couples say they knew after the first date so I guess it’s different for everyone.

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    1. LOVE your description of love happening during a conversation or in a look – one small gesture or moment in time – then everything shifts and you get that “Oh” moment. I think love takes time too – but maybe it’s those that have been hurt badly in the past (like me. I’m guessing you too, Sara) that want to be more cautious and give it time. I envy those with hearts wide open who fall in love right away and end up married for the rest of their lives 💕

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      1. Funny enough I fall in love pretty quickly LOL but the last few times, it’s been with people who weren’t ready or the timing was off (I had to leave or they did).

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      2. Aww that’s actually really cute that you fall in love quickly. You’re a true romantic 💗

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      3. Thank you. It can be painful, but every time something doesn’t work out, it means you’re that much closer to finding the one. I think that’s worth the wait.

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      4. By quickly I mean, it’s usually within the first few interactions or conversations. So, not right away on the first date, but reasonably quick after seeing how they are and how we relate to things.

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  3. Nice post Janet. I believe that you and I are pretty similar here. Sarah summed it up nicely. Sometimes it just hits for no reason at all. For me, that seems to be truly special when it gets you by surprise and suddenly out of now where you have a special feeling for someone. Although, I can say that our love for each other has gotten stronger than when we were first married. I am not sure that we anticipated that. Nice to see people who still care about being in love and having a strong relationship.

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    1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE that the love between you and Dawn has grown over time!!! Yass!!! It gives me hope for Alun and I xx

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