Bloganuary – if you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?

If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?

Well I don’t have pets, so this blog will be a lovely short one 😉 lucky you! No ranting today!

Because I don’t have pets, I’ll move to the garden which is the closest thing I can think of as a pet because the plants and flowers depend on Alun and I entirely. They can’t weed, water or fertilise themselves, so it’s completely up to us to care for them.

I read somewhere ages ago that plants respond well to being spoken to. I take it up a notch and I sing to the plants whenever I’m gardening or even just watering them.

We have a dwarf apple tree named “Paul” and whenever I see a new little apple (they’re sooo cute, you guys – the size of a golf ball), I say “Look at you go, Paul! Well done! Thank you for these apples, bud!” and I honestly think he understands and tries his best to make as many “baby apples” as he can.

I hope our plants, flowers and baby trees understand when I sing to them or chat to them that I really do love them. I delight in seeing them flourish and grow. I also worry and am deeply saddened if they look unwell or die.

Here are some photos of our garden:

There you have it, guys. Welcome to our garden. Well ok…a part of it. I’ll add more photos soon xx

3 responses to “Bloganuary – if you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?”

  1. […] Bloganuary – if you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be? […]

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  2. We had some vegetables and herbs in pots last year. I built a small raised garden bed for us this year and we will see how that goes and if we are going to make it bigger. Both Dawn and I grew up with large gardens and are wanting to get back to that again. Dawn has also done an really nice job of beautifying our back yard and patio area with flowers and potted arrangements. In the spring when we head to the nursery, it is time to break out the credit card cause it is going to get ugly. HAHA

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    1. your garden sounds sooo beautiful and the raised garden beds are going to be easier on your backs and knees to maintain. I’d love to see your back garden and patio area one day, it sounds like Dawn has done an amazing job. Hahahah yeah, we have a “garden and tools” type warehouse chain here in Australia called “Bunnings” and whenever Al and I go – we come back with a lot less in our accounts but a car filled with flowers and plants we’re both really pleased with. Totally worth the cost when they add so much beauty to the garden. The other day, Alun came home with what he callled “Super Mom”…I looked on the tag and it’s actual name was “Queen Mum”, but I haven’t corrected my husband. We’ll stick with “super Mom” for that plant. Lol.

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