#Bloganuary – What’s my dream job?

What’s your dream job?

My whole life, I’ve wanted to be a Kindergarten Teacher. I love children and even when I was a little girl, I’d set my bedroom up as a classroom and teach younger children everything I knew, bless my heart.

As a teen, I was always involved with kids clubs and after-school childcare, I absolutely loved any opportunity to work with children.

So…I studied at Uni over 25 years (!!!) trying to get my Bachelor’s in Education but every time I got to my last year, my parents would divorce and I’d drop out of Uni to hold the family together.

When I’d go back to Uni, education laws and policy changed over that year off so that I’d have to start at Year 1 again. I did that about 6 times before I just gave up.

I got a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development instead. In the last month of my last year, Alun was attacked in the city by strangers and was in hospital; his life in the balance. I thought “it’s happening again” and that I’d need to drop out of Uni to stay by Alun’s side.

But this time, my friends wouldn’t let me.

“You can do this, Janet. Don’t give up on Uni” they all messaged me. Friends took turns visiting Alun and caring for him while I studied for exams and submitted my final assignments. Because of them, I was able to complete my Degree.

The day I graduated 🎓 wow. It was over 25 years of studying that was finally being recognised and coming to an end.

So instead of being a Kindergarten Teacher, I thought I would teach lessons to children in schools all over Western Australia about recycling, climate change and gardening. I wanted to use my degree to build community centres and run community classes and courses for children, teenagers and computer programs for the Elderly.

I still have yet to do that.

With depression and anxiety weighing heavily on me in the last 5 years, my mentality towards work has changed.

My ideal job right now is to be a writer.

To be paid to write…that’s the new goal.

Until I get that amazing book deal, my ideal job RIGHT THIS MOMENT is to work for a company in the city centre and do basic data entry or to just answer the phone.

I want to do an easy job with just the one responsibility. A job I can do on autopilot where I’m not expected to do sooo much. It gives me time to heal. It gives me energy after work to do house chores and see friends. It gives me time to garden, to dream, to plan. The data entry or switchboard jobs I’ve had in the past are honestly where I’ve felt the happiest and my mental health has improved greatly.

So yeah. If I see a job for either switchboard operator or data input, I’m going to apply and hope I get it.

I’d really like that.

12 responses to “#Bloganuary – What’s my dream job?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your journey. I can relate to having an easy job that allows the head space to create after work. I think if I had a really stressful job, I wouldn’t have been able to write much and I would have felt trapped. It’s really sweet you wanted to be a teacher to kids. It sounds like you’re on the right path and you are doing a wonderful job. You can always move your way up even in admin type jobs.

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    1. Nice job Janet. You always take us through your journey in ways that brings us in as if we are a part of it. I am glad that Alun has recovered. It angers me that happened. I am so happy to see that you are recognizing your need to just do simple work and save the rest of your energy for yourself. This is a reversal of what we are taught, to just tough it out. This is so very important. I have myself had a ton of burn out, an underwhelming feeling of excitement to put a stressful job into my life. I too am aware of how that takes a toll. You should be proud of your recognition. It is tough not making money and the stress that adds to the family budget. I am confident that in the long run, you will be healthier, you both will. I hope for your book deal, I will need pointers. HAHA. May you be happy, healthy, and safe. Hugs to you.

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      1. Tommy!!! You are quickly becoming one of my faves, you know. Dawn, too! I’m sorry you’ve experienced burnout, it’s really cripping and I don’t think there’s a lot of understanding from bosses when it hits. We live in a society that values wealth and “hard work” over wellbeing and rest so it’s difficult to put my hand up and say “No thanks” to busy job and state that I’m looking for something simple and quiet. We gotta pick our battles, hey? For now, my plan is retreat, rest, re-start and take over the world once I’m better. I’ll see you there doing donuts in your SUV 🙂 big hugs to you and Dawn xx

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    2. I’m so blessed that you read along and take the time to comment, Sara. I’m so happy to hear from you!!! I think there will be a way to wrangle my way into some sort of community program for children where we can work in a community garden and I can teach them about sustainability and climate change but until then, a quiet typing role is going to be fine. All I have to do is find one! Haha! Big hug xx

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  2. Wow, Janet what a journey! Have you ever considered teachable, Udemy or even creating your own simple courses for children/teens/young adults online? You could create them in your spare time with knowledge and wisdom you surely already possess. Another thing I was thinking is perhaps self publishing for you! Amazon makes it so easy to do this and you could create whatever type of work you desire!

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    1. Those are some really great ideas, Kelly. Thank you so much for sharing them ❤️ I’ll look into them and hopefully get a course – and a book – going! Hope you have a great day. I’ll click on your link and read your blogs xx

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      1. You’re so welcome Janet! Have a great day! I didn’t see this comment until now, just trying to figure out the back end of WordPress lol!

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  3. This is great. We’ll done!

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  4. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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  5. this is so inspiring and its a sign to never give up❤️❤️🏳️🏳️❤️❤️

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