Bloganuary – If you had a million US dollars, how would you spend it?

I don’t remember if it was a MILLION or a BILLION dollars – and there’s obviously a HUGE difference there (ahahahahaa!) but for now, let’s go with the ‘smaller’ amount so I don’t have an anxiety attack. Haha.

What I would do with a MILLION US DOLLARS – About 2 Million Aussie dollars – is share it.

First, I’d tithe 10% to God. Because it’s ALL His anyway and he only asks for 10% back so he can bless others with it and teach me the value of being grateful and being faithful with giving to others.

Then I’d give half of whatever is left (I can’t math, ok? Don’t judge me. Lol) to Alun. Because that boy is my heart and he’d do the same for me without a moment’s hesitation.

Let’s say my tithe was $200,000.00

I have 1.8 million left.

I give Alun half. Of course (smiling as I write this, I love that man so much).

*gets calculator out*

Right. So I have $900,000.00 left.

(Somehow that doesn’t sound right to me??? I’ll have to trust the good old calculator, eh?)

First – Get a house I absolutely love for Alun and I to live in. Somewhere by a large body of water. There are houses in Maylands and Bayswater by the river here – so a house like that. Or maybe one near one of Perth’s spectacular beaches. I just like being by water. Alun would probably go halves with me on this one.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives

Secondly – bless as many people as I can with what I’ve got. I’ve done a similar blog ages ago about what I’d do with a fortune so I’ll just basically repeat it here: I’d bless all my friends.

I’d employ a LEGIT company to build Mom a home in the Phillipines – a huge home with a pool – and give Mom $100,000.00. In a trust account where she can have $5,000.00 a month and no more! In Filipino currency (in any currency to be fair), 5K a MONTH is pretty huge. Mom will be able to do whatever it is she’s done before with it. God bless her. I’m hoping she’ll actually learn from the past and learn to control her finances – but I won’t hold my breath.

I’d give Amy $15,000.00 because she once paid $500 for our wedding venue deposit when I had barely a dollar to my name. I’ll never forget that.

I’d give Jaz $25,000.00 because she just gave me $2000 – with no strings attached and said I didn’t have to pay it back – when I was jobless for about 6 weeks and hospitalised with no hope of getting another job any time soon. Oh Jaz, you saved my life. I would love to thank you in cold hard cash. Lol.

25K also to Tamara who is my amazing friend and WORK REFERENCE and is the reason I can keep getting jobs. I’d be lost without her. I should probably give her more but I’m already starting to lose track of what money I have left. Lol. I’m just as bad as my Mom, aren’t I?

I have a HUGE circle of loving, sweet, amazing friends so I’d give them each a fancy big gift basket of yummy snacks and expensive champagne and each gift basket would include a ‘thank you’ card with a cheque for between $1000.00 to $5000.00 inside – depending on how close we are. I’m very close to Kristy and Sophie at the moment, so they’d get the 10K each, the gift basket with champagne, a holiday voucher to a fancy hotel for a weekend and a huge, expensive flower arrangement each.

(just wait until you see the cheque inside! hee hee!)

I’d spend A LOT on getting an interior designer to help me make the house we’ve bought a beautiful home. I love modern, sleek lines, natural colours, NO CLUTTER and Loads of storage. I’d like the house to not be too feminine so Alun feels at home there too and I’d love a “man shed” or converted storage container so Alun has his own ‘manly space’ (probably with a small bar) to hang out with/invite his friends over to. I’d love a pretty indoor swing in the ‘library/study’ part of the house with loads of books, of course.

Photo by Arminas Raudys

I’d invest $100,000.00 – not sure how to do it, but I’d pay someone to figure it out. Hahahaha!

I’d use probably $100,000.00 building hotel pods for the homeless here in Perth. I’d like two ‘pod hotels’ in the city centre and depending on how much they cost – I’d build the hotels, have toilets and showers too – maybe I could put pod hotels in 3-4 other popular suburbs, too. I want them to be by train stations/bus stations so they’re easily accessible for the homeless. They’d be free to stay in and the toilets/showers free also. I’d have to build the structures and employ cleaners and security staff, but I’m hoping to get the Government on board for my Project “Good night’s sleep” so that it could be something that could go on and on for an indefinite amount of time.

I’d buy pyjamas (sooo many pjs! I love them!) and inest in a store in the city were I could provide ‘bespoke’ gift wrapping services. I’d call my store “8 Ribbons” (saw that written somewhere and liked it). It woudl be a gift wrapping store/writing office so I can work on my Memoir/this site/my page on medium and become the best writer in the world.

And the rest – if any is left – into the bank.

*dusts off hands* So good to indulge in the daydream of blessing others and getting my heart’s desire, too. Awesome. I’m excited for reading how you’d spend your fortunes, guys. Let me know! xx

4 responses to “Bloganuary – If you had a million US dollars, how would you spend it?”

  1. You are truly a selfless angel …I hope you get your dream house by the water soon.

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    1. You are my inspiration to write…and to dream! I’m looking forward to reading your answer to this!

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  2. A very selfless person. I think it’s a pretty cool that you’d do something like that, here’s hoping you do get your house by the sea!

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  3. I loved hearing about all the good you would do for others and still leave space for you to take care of you. That is important as well. I would like to put in a good word for myself for a nice bottle of bourbon please. HAHA So kind an generous. Thank you for sharing.


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