Bloganuary – How do you define success?

This one’s a tricky question because I immediately think of wealth as a sign of success. I think of power in terms of what a person can do at any time they want to as a success – which are pretty much powered by wealth.

But what is success really?

I would define these as markers of success:

– Being in a happy, healthy relationship with someone you love = SUCCESS!!! #winning

Photo by Jasmine Carter

– Working in a job you feel passionate about. That’s a big one for me.

– Regularly doing things that make you feel happy & whole is important. I don’t think you necessarily need to be running your own company, but just doing daily activities that make you happy – or being able to do them – that’s a mark of success.

Investing in others around you. I think that’s important too. If you are involved in donations to worthwhile causes or you volunteer to help in the community…I think that’s successful.

Generally being a kind, good person who’s also assertive and has healthy boundaries in place…for me – that’s the peak of success xx

2 responses to “Bloganuary – How do you define success?”

  1. The definition of success is subjective however, society loves to add price tags. That’s why people ask you what do you do right after being introduced at a reception, etc. Part of my success includes my reputation, not being beholden to anyone, not to do to others what I hate myself (roll over ads or pop-ups after 7 seconds to hand over my email address if I want to continue reading, etc.) and always aiming for inclusion.

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  2. it’s so true, Alice – the first thing we’ll ask someone we meet is “What do you do for a job?” and unwittingly (even I do it), we judge their worth on their answer. I think this is something we’ve picked up on as a Society and it’s so wrong. We don’t ask “Are you happy?” “How’s your mental health going?” NO. We want to know immediately how much money someone makes and we are suitably impressed if they’re wealthy. Such a sad business, isn’t it?

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