Day 1

I’m fat but you know what? I had a breakfast shake this morning – calibrated with all the vitamins and minerals a healthy meal should have and I added a heaped spoonful of ‘greens’ powder (spinach, kale, etc) to my shake, so my body got a good boost of nutrients.

AND GET THIS – I went for a walk today – to the store and back – which was 30 minutes altogether.

I didn’t run a marathon or eat salad all day…but it’s a pretty good start.

I think that’s something I really love about New Year’s Day – the magical possibility that I can start over...the hopefulness of staring at a huge blank board and wondering how I can fill it over the next 12 months.

Lol, I’ve just watched “Spirited” on Apple TV so I’m filled with songs and hope. Good movies do that, don’t they? They make me feel like anything’s possible. I watch a good movie and I want to race out and do something amazing – or sing and dance in my kitchen. Great movies can make the impossible seem do-able, after all.

Maybe it really is?

Something my Dad believed in very strongly was that there was always a chance. “You’re never too old and it’s never too late, babygirl” Dad would say with a daggy grin. I miss hearing his voice every moment of every day. Losing someone I love has been the biggest challenge of my life and it’s devastating even a year later…but every day, I’m hoping to make Dad so proud of me.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to today, I really hope you have a good one.

I hope you write loads and get to eat something you really love, Shanti. If I look up at a night’s sky and see an especially twinkly star, I think of you. Thank you for bringing your sunshine and light into my world. I’m so thankful to have you in my life and so grateful for your friendship. You’re amazing and I’m so very, very proud of you.

I hope you update your blog with something that made you laugh, Mykl. I hope you’ll be on “Bloganuary” this year and I’m already so excited to hear your answers to the writing prompts. Imma defo work on sending you a voicenote soon.

I hope you get to spend loads of time with your gorgeous daughter and husband, Jewel. Your sense of humour and the beautiful way you write about ‘the every day’ are just stunning. You’re incredible at this. Keep going!

I hope you go on incredible adventures this year and that you see a load of new doors and absolutely love them…door guy. Lol. I’ll come back and edit in your name once I find it. Just know that I love your blog and your latest posts on flowers are just breathtaking.

I hope your hamster ends up being your best friend, RoBIN.

I hope you find a guy who sees you for the incredible woman you are on the inside and the outside, Sarah. You are not alone, you know. Even when you think you’re talking into the ether and noone hears you, you can bet I do…and in the moments when depression takes me AWOL, you can bet someone else is reading your blog and finding hope that they can find the love of their lives because they’ll learn so much from your amazing journey.

I hope this year brings you so much health, happiness and love, Ellie. I love reading your blog and hope you’re back soon – telling us all about your life and your thoughts. You’re an awesome writer. Keep writing!

I hope that 2023 brings you success and WINS in every area of your life, Tommy. Thank you for taking time to write such long comments and sharing your wisdom with me, it means a lot.

I pray that this new year brings so many ocassions to laugh, Warren 🙂 you are such a legend.

Overly Anxious girl – I hope to ask you and to REMEMBER (I might write it down) your name. I can’t wait to read and comment on your blogs over this new year of ours. You are an inspiration to me and you remind me that in spite of mental illness, we are capable of greatness. I’m so proud of you.

1972Italy – my love, I know your dog’s names but can’t for the life of me think of yours. I’m so sorry!!! Please forgive me. Thank you for your kindness across the internet whenever I’ve needed a friend. I hope you and Stella have an amazing start to this new year. I pray success for you in your work and blessing in every area of your life.

Dearest Marquesa, I hope that 2023 brings you everything you hope for and SO MUCH MORE. You are such a beautiful girl with such a kind heart. I’m so grateful for you in my life.

I’m so conscious of addressing a few of you by name and probably leaving out some critical friends who read and comment, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I blame my depression, the flu I’m battling and just generally being a dork. Bear with me, I’ll remember you at 3am and want to write to you personally.

To everyone “lurking” on my blog, reading and knowing without saying anything at all…thank you for being there. Thank you for being the person I can ‘talk’ to who just listens, I guess. Sometimes that’s the most powerful thing you can do…listen.


Have the BEST FIRST DAY of the rest of your lives, guys. I’m hoping it’s a good one for you.

8 responses to “Day 1”

  1. Very nicely stated….

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    1. *bows proudly* I’m here alllllll week. Lol.


  2. Thank you Janet, for always making me feel seen heard and of value. 🙏🏽 it means the world and your words make my day less lonely & brighter ♥️

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  3. Oh yes, I’m happy I had delicious prata but also carrots 🥕and tomatoes 🍅. Carrots are so good when grilled.

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    1. sounds like a great meal with a good balance, Shanti xx

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  4. Happy first day Janet. Thank you for the mention. It was your kindness and encouragement that has me working on my post for day one of bloganuary. One thing that my therapist would call me out on, is the comment you made of not running a marathon as being a negative comment amidst your very positive day. UGH, it is amazing how automatic those comparative comments are and how damaging they can be for those of us affected the most from them. You walked, you created a healthy meal with intention and that is a win. Lean on that and remember that. Each day that you are intentional with your physical and mental health is a win. If there is one thing that I see here is the support and encouragement that you have. I am glad to see that you did this for you. Be patient, be intentional, and you will get there. xo

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    1. Thank you so much, Tommy! I will try to be intentional with my choices today. Sending you big hugs 🫂 xoxo


  5. Happy New Year to you, Janet. I know it’s now Day 2 and I’m a bit late leaving this comment, but I just wanted to say I think you did so well yesterday having your breakfast shake and going for a walk. It’s hard making changes, so I’m so glad that the New Year has started off so well for you. I hope Day 2 is going well so far for you, also.

    I put weight on over Christmas, too. Quite a bit! I decided to join Weight Watchers, so am hoping that having to record everything I eat and not eating any ‘rubbish’ will help me to lose some weight.

    I also wanted to say thank you so much for the mention and kind wishes to me. I was surprised and very touched to see my name there. I really do appreciate your thoughts for me.

    This New Year is a difficult one for me as my counselling finally ends on Wednesday – I’m very scared about it, but perhaps, once the day has been and gone, I might be able to let go of some of my fear. I really don’t know if that’s likely, or not, but I don’t want to be stuck in this place forever. Thank you for reading my poems, for your support, and for such a kind mention. Keep well Xx 💗💕

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