Be the light


So many blogs in the one day – lucky you! Hahahaha 🙂

A fellow blogger – “Mr Frog” (I’ll find his blog and post a link below afterwards, you should read it, it’s powerful) wrote an amazing blog about a game he’d been playing and the powerful impact it had on him.

I’m not a gamer so a lot of his explanation about the game’s graphics/playability etc washed over me, but what stood out to me was the meaning of the game. Apparently, it’s set in a horrible, dark, dystopian (JD look up “dystopian”) world where you as the ‘main character’ have to decide to take up a glowing torch and go on a mission. The mission unfolds as you go about in the game but I think the main goal is to bring light – literal light in a flaming torch – to a dark world.

Something Mr Frog said really resonated with me – he said that the game allowed a person to CHOOSE to bring the light or not. He said sometimes he chose not to take up the torch. He wondered what the point of the game was as it didn’t seem you won anything or were fighting anything…you were existing solely to bring the light to a dark world.

For me personally, I think God gives us that choice every day “Will you take up your *light* and follow me – or not?” and He waits patiently and YOU CAN CHOOSE TO SAY NO. God gives us free will.

Photo by Artem Podrez

Mr Frog wondered why the light was needed. Would it make any difference? If it did make a difference, would it be a good one or would it make things worse? Maybe forcibly adding light to a dark world would change it and harm it somehow?

He asks some pretty awesome questions and that’s mostly why I like his blog so much.

I’m on the sofa typing to you right now. I’ve been TERRIFIED (I’m not even joking) but a fluffy grey MOUSE that has decided to BLAZENLY come out and run around in the living room in DAYLIGHT hours. My SCREAMING (and I was screaming my head off because I’m legit terrified by mice/rats. I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t call the Police) didn’t bother it. Knowing that this bloody mouse feels COMFORTABLE in our home bothers ME. Greatly.

Anyway. I’ve had a lovely 8-9 days away from my new job as Sustainability Project officer (Huzzah for Christmas holidays!) and tomorrow…I go back.

I’m scared to go back. This job has become a bit of a nightmare to be honest. We’ll get into how/why another day…for now, just know it causes me anxiety and unhappiness and I’d rather not be there.

But in my mind’s eye, I see it there in front of me. A glowing torch.

Do I pick it up and face tomorrow? Or do I call in – GENUINELY sick – with this flu that I have and leave that torch alone?

I think I’ll go in.

Mr Frog, I’m the girl who will ALWAYS pick that torch and try to light up the world around me. I don’t know what the game’s agenda is – but mine? Mine is to make my world as BRIGHT as I can with what I have. I can only see advantages to bringing light to others so that’s what I’ll go with – no matter what.

Even when I’m scared, hurting, feeling lost and alone – I’ll always reach for that torch. That light.


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