In 3.5 hours from now, I’ll be admitted to the private psych ward in Hollywood Clinic. Again.

I feel like I’m going backwards in life.

I feel like a failure.

I want so much to get better but I’m anxious about leaving the house and missing Alun.

7 responses to “Hospital”

  1. dont look at it as a step back.
    you are doing what you need..
    will you be able to blog while you are gone?

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    1. I will 🙂 lucky you! Haha. Thank you for commenting, I love hearing from you xx

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  2. I bet there are others who would be willing to send post cards to you…

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    1. That’s so lovely. I’m really blessed and a few friends have already offered to visit ❤️


  3. You my dear are the bravest and most honest person I know with the biggest heart. I’m rooting for you always. Hugs 💕

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    1. Big hugs right back xoxo 😘

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  4. Most certainly never backwards. You are impacting more people than you know with your brave writing. Please continue. We need your words Janet.

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