The 6 most important times of my life.

I’ve downloaded an e-Copy of “Memoir writing for dummies” which has been a real eye-opener in terms of re-writing, editing and “tightening up” my Memoir.

In the first few chapters, the coach says to outline my Memoir (lol too late, bro – the entire manuscript has been written) by listing important events in my life. I did that when I began writing over a year ago and a theme of “adversity” popped up in almost all the moments I wanted to write about…so each adversity (becoming the unfavourite at 5, dating an abusive guy, suffering traumatic brain injury, being robbed by a friend, abuse, neglect and the power of friendship in all these painful experiences to keep propelling me forward) became a chapter.


I wanted to start “chronologically” so started my Memoir with 5-year-old Janet watching in horror as the house changed to accommodate and celebrate the arrival of my younger half-brother.

But! This guidebook on writing an awesome Memoir says to think of 6 most powerful moments/memories in your life and write about them. It also says that the most dramatic, powerful point in my life should become the first chapter.

Having Jay take my place and suffering being erased by my parents as a consequence wasn’t the most powerful, dramatic part of my life…I think being in an abusive relationship with Gavin was.

Or was it?

Having my Dad unexpectedly torn from life is basically a huge marker in my life and has definitely impacted upon the person I am. There is a definite “before” and “after” in the fibre of my very being now…so should that be chapter 1?!?

God help me, I’m so bloody confused.

People v’s Events in my life. Arghhh sooo much to consider!

2 responses to “The 6 most important times of my life.”

  1. I certainly know what you mean. So many different traumas it’s hard to know where to begin. But I would pick the one from the perspective of 5 year old you. If your life were dramatised I can already picture it as the beginning of a movie.

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  2. Every time I hear from you, Shanti – the corners of my mouth turn up into a smile. You are such a blessing in my life. I will keep chapter 1 with 5-year-old me, then. You’re right, it’s the best place to begin. I’m sorry you’ve also been through a lot of trauma *gentle squeeze of your hand* and I’m absolutely hanging out (Australian for looking forward to something) to read more of your blog and eventually your inspiring Memoir. I daydream of our books next to each other in the “Biography” section of bookstores all over the world 🌎


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