Submission rejection

To hear back from a Publisher at all is pretty amazing, let alone getting kind feedback on why my work was rejected…so in a small way, I see this as a win.

It’s a step in the right direction, I think.

As well as finishing (or so I thought! Ha!) my Memoir manuscript, I wrote a Romance Novella. I type out a chapter on my phone and upload it to my Facebook status every few days/weeks. It’s been surprising that sooo many of my friends – and their Mom’s – have loved it, have connected to the characters and have encouraged me to 1) keep writing and uploading chapters; (many of my friends requested to be tagged on the posts so they wouldn’t miss a chapter) and 2) submit my Novella to a Publisher.

Here’s the feedback I recieved from Kingsley Publishers 3 months after submitting 3/4 of my manuscript:

** I don’t understand why, but I see this as really hopeful somehow? **

One response to “Submission rejection”

  1. I would be fascinated to learn about your childhood. Sounds remarkable & you seem to me a very strong person indeed to have thrived in spite of all the trauma.

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