Positive feedback

Just to restore balance, I wanted to post the positive feedback I recieved from Austin Macauley when I submitted my Memoir to them. This response came with the offer of a hybrid book contract:

(Gonna print, frame and hang this up in our home, I’m so bloody pleased about it).

4 responses to “Positive feedback”

  1. Wow I learnt something new from this ..that if we just change the names we don’t need their legal consent. Quite a game changer.


    1. Sooo important to keep ourselves protected from the “shots fired” when people who have behaved in cruel, inappropriate ways recognise themselves in someone’s writing and want to sue. I don’t know where I read it, but somewhere I read a quote something like “if you don’t like reading about yourself behaving badly in someone’s story, maybe you should have behaved better?”

      The onus is on THEM for what they did or said. I like that.

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      1. Yup definitely had lots of those people especially in my working life

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  2. I’m sad you had to go through that 😔


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