Camilla D&E Day 6

I fell off the wagon and ate a huge bag of potato chips and a jumbo Twix.

I’m so annoyed at myself.

4 responses to “Camilla D&E Day 6”

  1. We are human & it’s too hard to be denied the loveliest things in life. Those sound good & I hope you enjoyed them. I just had orange jello πŸ˜† I’m always craving.

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    1. Omg they tasted SO GOOD, Shanti but now guilt and disappointment is setting in and it’s awful. Haha. I don’t feel this way after a healthy meal so tomorrow’s I’ll be back on the wagon and sticking to meal replacement shakes πŸ˜‹ they’re chocolate or caramel flavoured so they feel like a treat while at the same time giving me a pleasant “full” feeling which helps keep cravings low. I love that you’re having an orange jello! Sounds great!

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      1. I’m rationalising to myself that jello has gelatin which Is essentially like collagen so good for you? While ignoring the sugar part 😝

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      2. Ahahahaha I concur. Go for it!

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