Camilla D&E Day 5

Because it’s Saturday, I thought I’d take the day off meal replacement shakes and try to eat some healthy food.

I’m eating thin slices of apple right now and pretending they’re potato chips. Not bad but I miss the saltiness and the crunch.

Last night for dinner, I made Caesar salad. It looked so good that I took photos. Haha.

Look at me go! Eating salad!

I haven’t done any exercise today but hopefully this afternoon will be cool enough for a walk around the neighbourhood. I really need to move my body every day otherwise I won’t get any fitter.

6 responses to “Camilla D&E Day 5”

  1. I find that it really helps to take pics of food. Makes me a bit more mindful and it’s fun. I had a lot of carbs today as usual …errrr need to do more of what you’re doing 😭

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    1. You’re doing your best to get through the day so I’m proud of you anyway. I love your food pics! So good!

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      1. Thank you. So much variety in Singapore it’s dangerous 😝 but I loved the food in Australia too. Hard to resist.

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  2. Nice Diet Camilla! Sometimes I too prepare like this.

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    1. You’re probably doing an amazing job, Thotaramani xxxx


      1. TQ Thomas! For your lovely wishes 🎉

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