My favourite song

I love songs with dreamy, soulful melodies. I’m a pretty amazing singer (just saying) so when I hear a new song with a catchy melody and an incredible hook like “100 years” by “5 for fighting”, you can bet I’ll love it and have it on repeat…for weeks.

So yeah, “100 years” is my favourite song right now. I listen to it and memories of my teen years flash up…first crushes, school, house parties, fashion and feeling awkward in my body. I remember my 20’s, feeling like I knew it all when really I was still so young and had sooo much to learn.

My 30’s were the time of my life where I came into my own and got used to being in my body. My early 30’s were the best days of my life and 33 onwards was just challenge after challenge…but I had so much more energy and zest for life back then. Ahhhhh.

I’ll post the song and lyrics for you. They make me tear up because this song draws out so many forgotten memories; singing to cows in a field with Aubry, leading songs and kids club in the UK with Jon, being afraid when I was with Gavin and safe in a comforting harbour with Alun…and all the laughter, adventures, shared secrets and tears shed with all my friends dotted in there. I love my mates sooo much. They’re my heart, truly.

“There’s never a wish better than this when you’ve only got 100 years to live”

Ohhh to be 15 again *sigh*

4 responses to “My favourite song”

  1. This is a great “dear younger me” song 😍

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    1. Right? Hindsight is bitter sweet xx


  2. 22 was my fave age …could I be that again please? Lol well I wouldn’t mind the whole 20’s

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    1. Love that you loved being 22. I’ll think of you whenever I hear Taylor Swift’s song “22” 😉

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