My darling friend Kristy is celebrating her 22nd wedding anniversary with her husband Mike today 💕

I’m so bowled over that they’re together and still so in love after 22 years. They’re not even old, Kristy is younger than me! To get married at a young age and stay together through the many ups and downs…it just bowls me over. It’s sooo beautiful and such a gorgeous thing that their marriage held together for so long…and I pray God’s blessings and favour on their marriage so they can weather 22 more years.

It makes me wonder if anyone getting married now will still be together in 22 year’s time. Sadly, I doubt it.

We live in the modern days of Instagram and TikTok where people just seem…disposable now. If you don’t like your partner, you just split up and move on to the next…and the next. I think these days of social media hand-in-hand with incredibly high standards can’t be a good formula for lasting relationships, surely?

I’m blessed to have been with Alun 10 years and married for 8. I hope one day we’ll celebrate our 22nd Anniversary, too.

God, give us grace.

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