Writer in the making

In other news, I’m doing as much research as I can about what makes a great Memoir.

Turns out, it needs to be well written, be engaging, have a “strong voice”, be descriptive and it needs to feel like an intriguing fiction while remaining true as memoirs are non fiction.

Easy, huh?


So I’ve started reading Stephen King’s Memoir as he talks about becoming a writer and unpacks the essence of great writing along the way. My friend Lisa recommended it so after work yesterday I popped into @boffinsbooks and picked up a copy, along with a guide to writing non-fiction that looked pretty good.

Pleased, I handed them over the counter to pay for them. The store clerk raised his eyebrows appreciatively (?) and asked “Oh? You’re interested in being a writer, hey?”

In my head: “Bro, I’m not just interested in being a writer, I’ve completed my manuscript and have been offered 2 book deals. One day, my book will be on your shelves. Watch this space!”

Out loud “Uhh yep. Thank you! Bye!”

I’m so excited to learn more and refine my Memoir into an incredible book.

9 responses to “Writer in the making”

  1. I loved this book, enjoy. And I loved your comeback to the clerk – excellent work!

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  2. Thanks for the book recommendation. Gonna try and see if it’s available on my library app soon.

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      1. It’s the coolest it lets you get audiobooks e books and movies from your local library.
        And it’s free….

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      2. Ooo. I’ll Google that.


      3. No I have to use the Libby app for my library in Singapore

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  3. I keep meaning to read that book. I had a copy but it was taken by a roomate

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    1. Arghhh oh no. Roomates are so naughty. I’m really enjoying it so far, I hope you get another copy xx


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