Camilla D&E Day 2


Carrot sticks are on my work desk today instead of chocolates and chips. I don’t mind the crunchy carrots but they aren’t really fun to eat. Still, I’m trying and that’s what counts.

Yesterday I walked the 15-20 minutes from a train stop before the one I usually get off at. Every part of my body hurt, breathing was hard and there was pain and an unpleasant tightness around my knees that I’m not used to.

Today I’ve had my breakfast and lunch shakes, some carrot sticks and a handful of salted peanuts. Tonight I’ll have another shake for dinner and try to get an early night.

This afternoon on my lunch break, I walked around the rose garden. 7 and 1/2 laps today. Every step hurt.

When I got to the rose garden, there was an older guy there, already doing a lap by the look of it. He was slowly raising and lowering his arms like a bird trying to take flight in slow motion.

Nutter I thought.

But then I proceeded to follow him around and around so I guess I looked just as crazy, if not worse. He at least was in the lead and was making his own path…I was the weirdo 12 steps behind…huffing and puffing like an overweight walrus.

Sooo…that was my day so far.

I’ll update you again soon, you lucky thing. Lol.

5 responses to “Camilla D&E Day 2”

  1. I applaud your motivation Janet 👏🏽💕

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    1. Lol Shanti…it’s a long-distance run and I don’t know if I can persist in being healthier. Lol. We’ll celebrate after 1 month 😉

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      1. I can’t run 😝 only attempting walking but get winded easily

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  2. I hated every diet I tried so now I don’t diet – I practice intermittent fasting because I love to eat. It sounds like an oxymoronic concept, but it works, it’s simple and every day I get to eat whatever I want (within reason, and within a window of a few hours. Try the book Delay don’t Deby by Gin Stephen’s – I found it life changing. And yea I’ve dropped the weight and am daily keeping it off but the health benefits are outstanding, I feel so well and full of energy and it costs nothing, zip, nada. I just mention because you sound miserable. There are a few knacks to it like keeping your fast clean (only plain water and black coffee so you don’t stir up the insulin (hunger) demons – but Gins book explains it all well and it comes from someone who has walked the walk. Oh and also, there is plenty of science backing around this practice try Dr Jason Fung’s videos on Utube or his best selling book The Obesity Code. Don’t google you mad people though or you might get shoddy advice. Gin has literally thousands (probably millions) of followers world wide and her podcast Intermittent Fasting Stories has a massive following and I listen to it daily on my walks as I’m still working my way through all the episodes. Anyway this comment sounds like a crazy lady but it’s just I’m so enthusiastic about this way of life after spending so much energy and money and emotion trying other things.

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  3. Makes me smile hearing your enthusiasm jump off the page, it’s wonderful to know you found what works for you xx


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